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Mind your ears! - by Arun, Krungtepturakit, March 19, 2009
Next to the plunger, it says: Censure debate
Chalerm, who is leading the censure motion, says: I’m going to push the button. Mind your ears.
The five faces represent the Democrat-led government’s ministers facing censure debate: Foreign Minister Kasit Piromya, Finance Minister Mr. Korn Jatikavanij, Deputy Finance Minister Pradit Phataraprasit, Interior Minister Chavarat Charnvirakul and his deputy Boonjong Wongtrairat.

2B's Thai Media Project is an attempt to survey what most of the population are reading in newspapers. Like the rest of, we hope it will ideally be "Thai news you can't find anywhere else" (in English).
The English-language papers, The Nation and the Bangkok Post reach a very, very small audience. While they cover local news better than they did in the past, both are locked into narrow perspectives and edit news according to what is assumed to be interesting to their English-reading audience.
You can sniff at a sensational paper like ThaiRath, but compare the English-language papers' daily circulation of around 50,000 each with ThaiRath's 1,000,000. Clearly ThaiRath is influencing a lot more people in the Thai world and will document that.
Besides ThaiRath, we have picked the leading 'serious' daily Matichon (which has a circulation of around 400,000 daily and takes an anti-government line) and Thaipost, which sometimes has rabid, news-of-the-moment stories that reflect the public tone. I have put comments on the stories in brackets [ ]. - Ron Morris, Editor









April II

April I





Pee Boon movement

New government - newspaper front pages



Newspaper front pages from the cremation ceremony of Princess Galayani












Sapa Samanachan

The rude book

Editorial cartoons/news - October

Editorial cartoons/news - August-September

Frozen asset headlines

Thai news from April-May

Thai news from March- April

Editorial cartoons/news - February-March

Police chief removed/Southern bomber?

January 2007

"IRK" cartoons

Front pages after the bombings


"Catching the chicken to show the monkey"

Kaolao Ruammitr by Tin

More December 2006 editorial cartoons and end of iTV

December 2006 editorial cartoons

November 2006 editorial cartoons

More October 2006 editorial cartoons

Editorial cartoons: The death of TRT - October 2006

Editorial cartoons - September 2006

Front pages - September 17, 2006

More editorial cartoons - September 2006

Front pages - September 2006

The anti-drinking ad in popular culture

Weekend front pages - August-September, 2006

How the Thai press covered the latest mass bombings - August 6, 2006

Headlines from the May 21, 2006 front page of Thairath newspaper


(Source: Thai Post)

Editorial cartoon: Thai Post - December 13, 2005
Editorial cartoon that says: The foreigner investors smell the odor of being broke (having no money). (Thai Post can be rabidly antigovernment.)

Prachachatturakij editorial: What is the plan to protect flood that reoccur from North to South? - December 2, 2005

Komchadluek editorial: A question that has no answer - December 1, 2005

Book Review: The impurity of protest

Matichon editorial: Quality of a Minister - November 17, 2005

Thairath editorial: To solve or make problems? - November 12, 2005

Matichon editorial: Thai-style working - November 14, 2005

Khao Sod
editorial: Following the right way - November 11, 2005

Matichon editorial: The accusation about a secret prison and criticism of Matichon - November 8 2005

Thairath editorial: Worry that the government is insolvent - November 3, 2005

Thairath editorial: The signal that warns the government - November 2, 2005

Survey of the Thai-language press: the by-elections - November 1, 2005

Thairath editorial: Freedom of the press "plummets into a gorge" - October 28, 2005

Thairath editorial: The gang to exploit poor people - October 13, 2005

Thairath editorial: Dialogue is not bad - October 12, 2005

Matichon editorial: Don’t trade in one dimension - October 5, 2005

Matichon editorial: Must talk about "The Opportunity" - October 3, 2005

The constitution is dead? - editorial of Thairath, September 28, 2005

Thai media and the different truth - the unreported riot - editorial translated from Prachachat, September 27, 2005

Reactions to Thaksin's 'X' - August 27, 2005

Thai press reaction to the new cabinet from Thairath, Khaosod, Matichon and Manager: 'haew and bourbok selling out' - August 6, 2005

Thaksin Dictionary - June 21, 2005

The end of a dayweekly - June 17, 2005

War and Peace at the Southern Border - April 30, 2005
Chapter summaries from the Thai-language War and Peace at the Southern Border by Dr Rung Kaewdaeng, Deputy Education Minister. This is the book that Democrat leader Abisit Vejjajiva suggested that PM Thaksin should read...

The Poojadkuan columns in Manager

From the Thai-language press: Red light areas in Bangkok in olden days

Editorial: Quash corruption--not duty - translated and summarized from Matichon, July 29, 2005
Editorial: Prevent is better than mending
- translated and summarized from Matichon, July 27, 2005
Editorial: 'Go to the right way' - translated and summarized from Thairath, July 25, 2005
July 4 - Baby drop daily/falling off the balcony

June 15-17 - Mr. Prai Pattano, the Lord Mayor of Haddyai, Songkhla won on four lottery tickets and won 32 million baht.
June 14 - Bangkok does not agree to divide the area of Kwaeng Ladkrabang and Kwaeng Tapyao
June 10 - The senators who do not accept the government draft.
June 9 - Malaria still spreads seriously in many places.
June 8 - 204,785 baht that an officer embezzled
June 6-7 - She also had a new boyfriend who is a policeman...
June 1-3 - Followers of Lung Por Pool win the lottery with his age/Thai Rak Thai‘s people counter that Thirayuth is only a marketing man

May 30 - ...cut her husband’s penis off while he was sleeping.
May 24-27 - When the abbot of Wat Phailom died on Visakhabucha day all the lottery tickets in the temple sold well/ "controversial actions" at Wat Phrakeo
May 23 - Luang Por Pool Attarakkho, the 94-year-old abbot of Wat Phailom, Nakornprathom, died
May 13 - Dengue fever has taken 14 people’s lives and made 7215 ill.
May 12 - Thaksin is upset and cries out that the media are dishonoring the government

April 28 - Tesco Lotus allegedly the store ordered workers to work on holidays without getting payment.
April 27 - He counters that it is not true that Muslims are second class citizens.
April 26 - His friend said that day Mr. Aek had a 'black face.'
April 25 - Banharn failed because people lose the faith in him, not becuase of a 'big rain.'
April 22 - Drug dealers shot dead
April 21 - “Factors related to refraining from sex in female youth”
April 20 - Special helmets/Songkran blessings
April 19 - Replacing the Giant Swing
April 13 - The new year: 'riding a donkey and eating milk and butter'
April 8 - “Horoscope of the Nation: Year of the Rooster”
April 7 - A look at Thaksin's cabinet 2/1 - "where we want to go"
April 7 - Editorial: Government Efficiency
April 6 - Stop the terrorists from expanding

March 31 - Worms/runaway taxi driver/Kanjanaburi dam won't break
March 30 - 50-year-old villager who eats the flesh of dead bodies burnt at the cemetery
March 29 - On April 10, the government will organize a big merit ceremony for the country.
March 25 - Man believes his family will steal his kidney
March 23-24 - Hail storm and tornado/126 Esarn members of Parliament gather to be a 'group of sticky rice'
March 22 - A bloody day
March 21 - Ban Laem Tukkae, a tsunami-impacted fishermen's village, declared it would not permit tourists to visit.
March 17 - Leech!
March 15 - Who moved the date trees?
March 14 - ...shot himself at his workplace because of losing his new mobile phone/ Feng Shui at the Ministry of Agriculture
March 12 - 'Destroy world day'
March 11 - 27 nauseous and vomiting students
March 8-9 - People became diseased from a mercury toxin substance in a gold digging area
March 2-3 - Degree curriculum based on local Intelligence/She put a necklace with a portrait of King Rama V on the girl
March 1 - Two guys fight to win one charming widow/Headless farang ghost

February 28 - She tried to fight, but was hit by an electric mosquito net and soda bottle
February 25 - Resisting the concession of Pong Mountain to make a mine for Sintanan Company
February 24 - Inappropriate behavior of students
February 21 - Arab websites show the Takbai event video for the first time
February 18 - The '9th Group' is actually is the arms and legs of Suriya and Somsak.
February 16 - Danger from toxics in the sweets case
February 14 - Military and police intimidate TRT voters in the South?
February 8 - Astrologers foretell the future of Thaksin--it's not good
February 7 - Party leaders react to the election
February 3 - An officer and DJ were punched by a group of 20 drunken men
February 1 - New sex drug/kidnapped new born

January 28 - People whose ID cards are held by loan sharks get new ones made to vote
January 27 - Gambling house raid
January 25-26 - Protection requested for rape accuser
January 24 - Between the devil and the deep blue sea!/computer game addict/ThaiPost front page
January 21 - Taxi thieves crash
Janaury 20 - Gold thief stiffs taxi
January 19 - Bullet delivery to Yala
January 18 - Man slits throat in front of British Embassy/Newin accused in the south
January 17 - Relay the execution of prisoners online
January 13 - Property prices/Thaksinomics
January 12 - Thaksin makes breakfast
January 11 - Members of Wang Nam Yen are still at the end of the party list
January 6 - Thaksin said Thai Rak Thai has no tsunami, but only Hanami which is rich with friends.
January 4 - The legend of Khaolak
January 2 - Rude letters to the Constitutional Court

Survey of Fah Diaw Kan
A survey of the Thai-language political quarterly Fah Diaw Kan and its main editorial.


Bangkok Biz News - "Say goodbye to the cruel monkey year!" - Thai-language newspapers' December 31 editions

December 27- December 31 - Feng shui and the Democrats
December 26-January 1 - Tsunami-related headlines for these dates are contained in the tsunami newsfeed
December 22 - Bahharn neglected?
December 21 - Cadmium contamination at Phadaeng Industry Mine company
December 19 - Punched by a monk
December 17 - More beer bar areas to be investigated/check the Donmuang TRT candidate/“hi-so junior”
December 16 - Sirivipa Krajangsung, ex-moviestar, shot
December 14-15 - A tale of two newspapers: Beer bar demolition/no crabs for somtum boo
December 13 - The youth of Thailand are champions of whisky drinking
December 10 - “Moei Khab” on the grass in Doi Intanon and Doi Angkhang
December 9 - Where frost is front page news
December 8 - Jobs for the southern provinces
December 6-7 - Two die from smoke inhalation
December 3 - Oke's mobile fun park
December 2 - C.P. Company astrologer predicts the next government/Tom-Dee murder
December 1 - Matichon punished for the sexual harassment news against Sanant
November 29-30 - Skewered by a sharp iron
November 26 - 200 illicit logs bob up to the surface/taxi driver gets slapped
November 25 - Singapore uses Udon Thani airport for training
November 23 - Candidates for the upcoming election
November 22 - Monks with amphetamines in their rectums
November 19 - Germany company J.K. Defense Industrial to set up weapon factory
November 16-17 - Actors steal cars/Editorial: The Professional
November 15 - New pickup truck stolen even though the steering wheel was removed and and the brake was locked
November 12 - Merit making not related to the victims killed in the south/Girl falls off bus
November 11 - Yasotorn government to be monitored/Editorial: The manhandled and forgotten
November 10 - Man falls off building/Worry over Christian booklet
November 8-9 - Teacher shot in front of student/Chinese swordfight over dog meat
November 5 - “Vake Malaengsab” showed how to eat live cockroaches
November 4 - Editorial: Participation-Non-violence/Senate fight: "Strong bad smell around the world!"
November 3 - Three sex-mad students drown girl/Teacher orders 49 students to hit one student on the head
November 2 - Black magic flags buried with the names of TRT MPs
November 1 - Editorial: Is it the right way?/Retort to Malaysia
October 27-29 - TRT MPs smile happily because of extra money for the election/Thai Post editorial: The riot
October 26 - A cruel monk shot three people/Lotus Superstore strip searches
October 25 - After drinking whiskey and gambling and quarreling, the head of the gambling house was punched in the face October 22 - It is assumed he was accidentally shocked at the construction site.
October 21 - Terrorists in the South kill longan trees by cutting the stem and pouring gas into it to make it die.
October 20 - Abortions average 1,000 per day/A new trend for Thai gays
October 19 - The old lady who won 22 million baht in the lottery
October 18 - Recently he felt affection for a beautiful widow in the village who is charming to other men also.
October 15 - His tongue got a tetanus infection and he cannot taste anymore.

October 14 & The look of two newspapers - comparing Kom Chad Luek and The Nation
October 13 - The latest trend in youth behavior in Chaiyapoom province is to have a big penis/there is a group wanting to overthrow Thaksin
October 12 - A young guy is addicted to computer games, but has no money so he robbed Bangkok Bank
October 11 - Short, fat, and old caddies
October 8 - Falling into a boiling pot of tuna
October 7 - 'Oil smuggling mafia kills police in the south'
October 5 - After making them take off their jeans, they gave the victim shorts to wear
October 4 - The student who found a finger in minced pork is very upset.
October 1 - Democrat Party raps the government drivel of talking about a coup
September 30 - Thaksin is tense about the coup news/SMS sex
September 29 - Woman gets 25 years for killing infant

September 28 - Looking for sex with the telephone
September 27 - A tale of two newspapers: The threatening billboard
September 24 - Scalding at Oishi
September 23 - Mother and daughter drink pesticide.
September 22 - Attacking the Chamlong Foundation
September 21 - Kroo Bala set up himself to be a god of mountains and a reborn person.
September 20 - Editorial: The death of the judge, the failure of the government/The owner of the rottweiler [that mauled a boy] is defiant.
September 19 - An elephant named “Kumpai” gives birth to a baby weighing 100 kgs.
September 18 - Making women in Thailand lose their reputation/New structure of police force: “No belly”
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