Front pages after the bombings

Front pages after the bombings

Thairath, January 2, 2007

Hundred thousand people run away the bomb. Cancel countdown in the town.
Green left: Blessing gift 2007 from the King - Give will power to each other [referring to the King's new year's card in the upper left]
Black middle: Hell in town with the bomb - 2 deaths - 10 spots couldn’t be controlled.
Green lower: Total of drink driving - 179 death. The measures are useless.

Komchadluek, January 2, 2007

Bomb town - Non-stop turmoil - 8 spots all night - Gaysorn Plaza was hit in the late night - Bangkok [in a] severe [state] - Bad luck for foreign lady - Her leg was cut - A bomb was hidden in Central World, but could be saved [defused]

Khao Sod, January 1, 2007

Bloody new year - Bomb 6 spots all over town - 2 deaths
Blue middle: Greeting card of the King taken with 10 dogs.

Daily News, January 2, 2007

Pink right: Blessing of the king.. will power is strength.[referring to the King's new year's card]
Black middle: Multiple bombs - Foreigner lady’s leg was cut. The PM is stressed. The militaries strictly controlled. Don’t know who did it.
Pink middle: Warning - The infectious diseases spread.
Pink lower: Saddam's dead body was buried in his hometown
Pink bottom: Large number of accidents - 3 days/179 deaths
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