The anti-drinking ad in popular culture

(Source: Krungthep Turakit)

Above: Editorial cartoon, Krungthep Turakit, August 29, 2006
Left side: Poor - Under stress - Drinks [whiskey]
Right side: Rich - Under stress - Eats everything [Thaksin drinking bottles labeled "power"]
Title at the bottom: Quit... and everything will be better!!

This editorial and the magazine cover below are based on a public service advertisement from the Thai Health Promotion Foundation that often shows on TV.

It shows a drunken villager being watched by his family (left) as a narrator speaks: Quit drinking - quit being poor - start this Buddhist Lent, Poor - Stressed - Drinking whiskey

Right: Siamrath Weekly, August 18-24, 2006
The title reads: Rich - Under stress - Haunted
[Another take on the wording from the anti-drinking ad.]
Left: Along the same vein a reader reports on an alcohol warning label: ...At the top they have a large warning in Thai rather like you see on cigarette packets. says “Drinking alcohol breaks Buddhist precept number 5.”
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