See Through the language, See through politics, Thaksin Regime

Political words - from See Through the language, See through politics, Thaksin Regime, Editors Dr. Jermsak Pinthong and Dr. Ammara Prasitrattasint

Slow Chuan, Honey Blade and Aging Blade - These words can all be used to refer to Chuan Leek-pai. His nicknames reflect some of his character. ‘Slow Chuan’ tells us about his management and working systems. ‘Honey Blade’ reflects his rhetorical skills, while ‘Aging Blade’ shows that his working efficiency is not as good as before.

"Santa Maew" is a name for Thaksin Shinawatra, who has spent a huge sum of the country’s central budget while officially visiting the central and the northeastern regions of Thailand. He was like Santa Claus giving away gifts to people on Christmas. However, it is said the spending was aimed at lifting up his image and his party Thai Rak Thai’s image for the coming general election.

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