Thai Media Project – November 2009

Komchadluek, November 12, 2009
The headlines read: Cambodia rejects Thaksin extradition - Foreign Ministry submits request again - Mark [PM Abhisit] to move on second strategy
Retaliation degree increases - Hun Sen continue his quibbling - Talk is open, but no touch [meaning the government can talk or complain about Thaksin, but he is still protected] Ambassador urges Times on news revision
Thai-Cambodian Border closure [to lead to] equal pain [on both sides]
Hun-Sin [combination of the names of Hun Sen and Thaksin] - Intimate friends to outdo “Mark” [PM Abhisit]

Matichon, November 12, 2009
The headlines read: Govt asks extradition - Suddenly rejected - Cambodia challenges- Hun Sen embraces ‘Maew’ [Thaksin] live on TV
The caption to the hugging photo reads: Close intimacy - Police Lieutenant Colonel Thaksin Shinawatra and former Premier embraces Somdej Hun Sen, Prime Minister of Cambodia during the meeting at Hun Sen’s residence in Kandal province in the suburb area of Phnom Penh, Cambodia on November 11

RoboJew - Vote, November, 2009

The headline reads: ROBOJEW moves on the Thaksin plan 2 - Crunching down Prem, clearing the guilt of Thaksin

["Jew" is the nickname of Chawalit Yongjaiyuth who is leading the Pheu Thai Party. This articles examples that Chawalit is acting on orders from the real party head - Thaksin - to carry out plans to overthrow the present political order.]

From Vote, November, 2009
The headline reads: Army report by Khunying Jomthong - Army-government together pushes special measures, the black bowed work of Southern militant fighting tools - the balloon - [and] bomb scanner - POOR?
[This refers to the scandal surrounding several expensive purchases for the Deep South including surveillance blimps that have turned out to be useless, because the US will not provide high-tech cameras to make them work.]

From Daily News, Cartoon by Palungkorn, November 20, 2009 
The cartoon title reads: One man's meat is another man's poison.. ?
The words on the arm holding the pistol reads: Mischievous group
The words on the arm holding the bomb reads: Faking the situation
The words on the paper read: National Security Bill
[This refers to the widespread belief that a violent incident during the Red Shirts' now aborted million-man march was inevitable as it would benefit their case against the government.]

The 76 billion baht asset freezing case gambling with the country’s future - translated and summarized from Thai Post, Author: Pliew Seengern, November 20, 2009
Have you ever come to think what Thaksin and his supporters attempt to do now and also their brave announcement to topple the Democrat Party-led government before the end of December?
To me, I can see Thaksin’s strategy: for him to achieve the victory and I named it as the “fluttering vulture” plan. The plan is relying on both movements inside and outside the country--especially Thaksin’s movement by mean of his foreign policy relies on the Phnom Penh headquarters with Cambodian PM Hun Sen as co-leader.
As for the movement inside Thailand, Thaksin’s supporters regardless of age and seniority are trying to work to please the headmaster [Thaksin] and to make sure the work is finished on time.
Why? This is because the Supreme Administrative Court’s special litigation investigating political post holders is to give a verdict on the 76 billion asset freezing case of Thaksin soon.
On November 19, 2009, three witnesses gave testimony to the court. One of the key witnesses Waratchaya Srimajan gave testimony to the court and affirms the evidence of the Securities and Exchange Commission report on the alleged corruption of more than 5 percent shareholdings that belongs to Thaksin under Ample Rich Investment and the Win Mark Corporation.
This is clear enough for Thaksin’s speeding up strategy. I can say that the 76 billion baht asset freezing case is the core issue that changes the loyal heart to betray the land. I say that the verdict on this case is the verdict on Thailand’s future.

Komchadluek, November 12, 2009
The title reads: Thai Cambodian border trade off [The issue of the border closure]
The 2 red stars on the map indicate Bangkok and Phnom Penh, the 2 capital cities.
The red letters shows Thailand’s seven provinces at Thai-Cambodian border: Trad, Chantaburi, Sa Kaeo, Burirum, Surin, Sisaket, Ubon Ratchathani
The black letters on the map show four provinces of Cambodia: Phratabong, Siem Reap with Angkor Wat indicated, Kampong Thom and Phrasihanu
The black letters on the bottom left read:
Ubon Ratchathani (temporarily permitted border gate)
Sisaket - permanent border gate (Chong Sangam in Phusing - Alongweng in the old Damienjoey province)
Surin - permanent border gate (Chongjom in Kanseng - old Samet in Samrong district in the old Damienjoey province)
Burirum (temporarily permitted border gate)
Sa Kaeo - permanent border gate (Banklongluek in Aranyaprathet district - Poi pet in old Jorow in Ban Tien Mien province)
Chantaburi - permanent border gate (Ban Phakkad in Pongnamron district, Ban Klongjakrob in Pailin district in Phratabong province) (Banlaem in Pongnamron district to Ban Kanrieng in Pailin district in Phratabong province)

From ASTVManager, November 21-27, 2009
The headline reads: Real estate - The metropolis project - Shaken - Worry over lack of permit of the architect!


"Not as brown as on TV" - translated and summarized from Daily News, November 17, 2009
After former chief of the Council for National Security Gen. Sondhi ‘Big Bang’ Boonyaratkalin takes off his boots and turns to wearing suits and focusing on his PhD at Ramkamhaeng University, as well as other political courses, people start to think that ‘Big Bang’ will return to the politics.
Now, Mang Mo [name of the writer of this article] is100% confident that ‘Big Bang’ will tap the political world in the near future.
So, he has little time to make a visit to his Muslim brothers and introduce himself as a new politician.
‘Big Bang’ recently told close friends that he received very good feedback and does not feel tired anymore. Moreover, he was surrounded by girls asking to take his photos. They also said, in front of him, that he is handsome and looks not as brown as on TV.
Before long listeners start to be curious and ask about what kind of girls make him brush. He told them that they are all more than 80 years old. [Joking that most of the women who support and like him are old ladies.]

Tour festival - translated and summarized from Daily News, November 19, 2009
The Ministry of Labour now seems to be very quiet as its minister 'Paitoon' Kaewthong offers prizes to authorities by allowing them to travel overseas.
The permanent-secretary goes to Switzerland. Three deputy permanent-secretaries take a trip to Malaysia, Turkey, France and Germany.
While the director-general of the Department of Skill Development flies to Japan, the department’s secretary and committee members of the Social Security Office take a two-week trip to the United States of America.
However, all C-9 officials disappointed by the reshuffle were ready to submit a resignation letter. So, there is no doubt that the ministry is quiet.
The ministry is maybe too generous and keeps allowing officials to take holidays. He might have forgotten that the ministry still needs officials. He himself also might face a big trouble from this. Now who can workers count on?

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