Items from the Thai Press, October, 2009

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From Vote, The Vote Toon by Kosin Khaongam, October, 2009
Chawalit Yongjaiyuth says: The new political party… there has been such a party for long time and it was dissolved and then we established the new party continuously [This refers to the "New Politics Party" formed by the PAD - Here Chawalit says that Thai Rak Thai/People Power Party/Pheu Thai Party is the real "new party" as it has had to be restarted continually after being dissolved.]

From Vote, October, 2009
The headline reads: Thaksin in fierce opening war to take city - dethrone the Democrat government - turning over the sky and land 
Hun Sen’s friend - Friendship on the debris of Cambodia
Sondhi-Suriyasai - The duo to make dream on new politics come true

From Vote, Column: The poem at heart, October, 2009
Looking upon the future is depressing
How the police will stay
The politicians' order of what they want
Performing or not performing… all in turn ruined
Once, being proud of what the people are calling for
Now, police have to tolerate
Great privilege covers the sun ["great privilege" in Thai has a double meaning referring to PM Abhisit’s name as well]
Police - use your rights

From Vote, Column: Politics in between the week, by Rawnasoon, October, 2009
Headline reads: Black magic of “chao-moon” [believed by some to be name of Thaksin in the past life as a ruler of a northern Thai state]
The article mentions the belief in magic and magical ceremonies by northern pro-Thaksin supporters and also the beliefs of government officials in the area.
The quote at the bottom concerns the political moves of the Wadah group, the possible political pole change of Dr. Man Pattanothai, and the Matupoom Party established for General Sondhi Boonyaratkalin.

From Pandin Thai [Strong Thai] Magazine, October, 2009
The black letters around the magazine reads: Serve the people, maintain the nation’s sovereignty [The white Thai letters on the cover are a translation of the yellow English letters. This magazine is a pro-government, pro-establishment magazine meant to counter the plethora of pro-Thaksin publications.]

From Pandin Thai [Strong Thai] Magazine, October, 2009
The title reads: Man of the land I [perhaps first in a series] by Patriot of the Land - General Surayuth Chullanont - The Prime Minister appointed by the National Security Council, please again listen! [Surayuth was appointed Prime Minister by the military after the 2006 coup.]

From Matichon Weekly, October 16, 2009
The headline reads: Por-Yai Jew [Elderly Jew - "Jew" being Chavolit's nickname] - Toom Toom Toom [this represents a shooting/bombing noise and reflects fears about how the inclusion of Chawalit might assist the Pheu Thai Party in its goals]
From Nation Weekend, October, 2009
The headline reads: Por-Yai-So-Tai and the blunt man of Dubai
The blue ribbon on Chawalit’s shoulder reads “Pheu Thai Party”
["Por-Yai-So-Tai" is a name in the local northeastern dialect. Recently Chalerm Yubamrung used the name “Bak-See-So-Tai" as his political nickname. Normally it refers to a man who will do whatever he can to fight or to survive the situation as he has nothing to lose any longer. The name in the headline creates a similar name for Chavolit - substituting "Por-Yai" ("elderly") for "Bak-See" that is used for the younger Chalerm. "The blunt man of Dubai” refers to Thaksin who is known to control the Pheu Thai Party from exile in Dubai.]

From Vote, October 5, 2009
The headline reads: Referendum to tear the constitution - To overcome the power of red and yellow, the game to extend the government’s breath [meaning that the Democrat Party-led initiative to amend the constitution is intended to draw out the tenure of the government and sap the power of the red and yellow movements]

Wisarut explains: Vote is the new version of Khon Mee See Magazine - major modification since May 2008  - Bimonthly Magazine for Political criticism .. along with being the field for the indy Thai writers - Issued every the 1st day and 16th Day of the month. This magazine was headed by Nokpa Usakhaneh (AKA Mr. Jakkrit Sisririn) who also runs a Sunday night talk show on FM105 at 9 pm. They consider themselves an independent magazine--allowing both PAD and UDD writers to express their viewpoints.
Vote Magazine: New version of Khon Mee See Magazine - Voter magazine website - Khon Mee See magazine website
Also: Isan writers have formed E San State - website of Isan writers

More: Unlocking the Thai world: Thai-language newspaper headlines

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