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The two weekend rallies and a jewel heist - September 19, 2009

Right: Komchadluek, September 21, 2009 - The caption reads: Fight against each other - The police beef up security to prevent the villagers from Tambon Saothingchai in Kantaralak district in Sisaked province throwing things at PAD protestors who head to the Phra Viharn National park and to also to stop the clashes between the groups. Two are reportedly critically injured and many others suffered minor injuries on September 19, 2009.

Komchadluek, September 21, 2009

The headlines read (above top left): Stealing 65 million worth of diamonds - Foreign gang troubles the Bangkok Jewelry Fair
(above bottom right): Red shirt fights the rain to gather at the Royal Plaza - Maew VDO links asks for compromise - Stop the plan to invade the Si Sao residence [Prem's residence in Bangkok] - Prem stays at the military campsite

[More than the Red Shirt and PAD rallies, the Thailand language press and the public has been talking about the robbery at the Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair at Muang Thong Thani this weekend.

Despite this happening on Saturday and being front page headlines in the Thai-language press and on TV since then, both The Nation and Bangkok Post have ignored this story so far.

Update: Mud points out this story has now appeared in the overseas press. It is odd when the latest Bangkok breaking news in English is from an AP report carried on a Boston newspaper website: $1.7 million in jewels stolen in Bangkok heist - "From what I can tell, this could be the biggest gem theft ever reported to Thai police," said police investigator Lt. Ekkaman Lueruang.]

Daily News, September 21, 2009

PAD queues up at the Pha Moedaeng Mountain announcing a manifesto to ask for the return of the Prea Vihear and declaring a peoples’ war

From Prachathasana (Prachathad), September 12-18, 2009

The cover reads: Thaksin, stop pressuring [harming] your children and wife!
The words across the red ban symbol read: Movement in politics
The white letters on the student read: [She] wants every side to talk based on reason.

[This magazine is a counter publication to Thaksin's Voice of Taksin and is operated by associates of Newin who controls the Bhumjaithai Party in the government coalition. It has a layout and color scheme similar to Red Shirt publications.

This cover refers to comments by the People's Network for Elections in Thailand President Gen. Saiyud Kerdthed who recently urged Thaksin to stop his movement in politics and not to generate further breakup in the society. Thaksin’s movement in politics is seen as causing troubles to his wife and family.]
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