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Ways out - translated and summarized from Krungtep Turakit; Column: Editorial, August 30, 2008
Thailand is currently locked in a severe political conflict, which could turn to violence at any time. This conflict is also not likely to end any time soon.
Academics are worried that the current political situation could turn bloody once again. If, however, the right solution were applied, this critical situation could improve. Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej would be well-advised to listen intently to the advice of academics and social organizations. He must also bring himself to believe that this situation - that currently looks like it can only get worse - could get better if only it were approached in the right frame of mind.
The NGO Coordinating Committee on Development (NGO-COD) has suggested that the government should heed its (following) four proposals. Firstly, the government should remove police officers from the scene of the People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) protests rallies, and immediately stop taking violent measures against the PAD. Secondly, the PAD should gather peacefully for its protest rallies, without trying to impose conditions on the authorities that could easily lead to violence. Thirdly, Members of Parliament should be called to an urgent special assembly, to search for solutions to this political crisis. Lastly, organizations such as the National Human Rights Commission, the Electoral Commission and the National Economic and Social Advisory Council should jointly explore possible exit strategies to ease the current situation.
Additionally, the Young People for Democracy Movement and academic networks and community organizations from the South should be requested to provide advice to this government on possible ways out of this crisis.

The breaking-point has been reached! - translated and summarized from
Komchadluek; Column: Len Nork Sapa; Author: Sophon Ongkarn; August 26, 2008
[“Len Nork Sapa” could perhaps be translated as “Playing outside Parliament”. The idea seems to be that this government is so obstinate and contrary, that it is essential for outside forces to attempt to wrestle control of this country away from it.]
It is already 100 days since the current round of People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD) demonstrations first began, but this government has still not modified its behavior. The government has not shown any degree of penitence. It has also not shown any indication of having a conscience, or of possessing any morality. The time has, thus, undoubtedly come for a schism between the forces of goodness and badness.
Those who have been closely following this situation, would now like to know just how strongly the PAD’s ‘people power’ measures up against that of the government. At the same time, those who are still sitting on the fence are, perhaps, close to making up their minds over this issue.
Apart from the pressure now being mounted by participants of the PAD rallies, this government is now also coming under pressure from a group of ‘key’ PAD leaders. This group is saying that if this government continues to cling obstinately to power, that it will definitely not bode well for this country  - and that another coup may be necessary.
The traitors of this government are striving hard to use their majority vote in parliament to ‘fix’ the law, in order to help their ‘capitalist’ survive the karma that is now so hard on his heels. It would not be the first time, however, that he has avoided meeting his fate. His fate has, nevertheless, caused him to be a political refugee in UK. But, it will probably not be that easy for him to become a UK resident.  He started out his exile trying to portray himself as a penitent person, but the international press has begun to reveal him in his true colors. This is in spite of the fact that he has hired a public relations company to fool the ‘white man’ into believing that he is being persecuted.
‘Big Chief’ Samak Sundaravej is now moaning about the current investigations against him over numerous legal cases. If Samak would really like to know whether he has been working in a moral manner, he might perhaps like to ask members of his own family if they can give him a good answer. The answer would inevitably be ”No!”, if it were not for the fact that his family are probably also not capable of distinguishing good from bad. And they probably do not have the courage to tell him the truth, in any case.
Samak is still a nominee of the ‘refugee politician’. A ‘thief in a suit’ is still being allowed to carry on with his corrupt ways. That fact has begun to convince some people that if we let this government remain in power much longer, the country will definitely fall into a state of real disaster very soon. This is a possibility that HM the King has long predicted.

Why does Samak keep his silence? - translated and summarized from Komchadluek; Column: Editorial; Author, August 19, 2008
Former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra recently released a statement to explain why he did not report to the Criminal Court for a scheduled legal hearing against him. This incident suggests that this country’s judicial process has been compromised, and has been used as a political tool. This will likely have a negative impact on Thailand’s image abroad, as the Judiciary is one of the three main planks of power that are used to rule this country.
Thaksin Shinawatra was formerly this country’s prime minister, and he is still a person who draws media attention wherever he goes in the world. After the 2006 coup, the international community felt some pity for deposed PM Thaksin. This helped him to regain some of his former confidence, and his recent statement - that he was fleeing to the UK - will doubtless provide him with further confidence.
Do countries worldwide really have any idea why the 2006 coup was staged? Additionally, do they really know why former PM Thaksin is facing legal charges in this country?
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has already explained the truth over this issue. Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej, however, has made no comment on this very important issue in recent days. By maintaining his silence, the PM could be indicating that he respects former PM Thaksin. Thaksin provided considerable support to Samak’s bid to become the current PM. However, we need to ask ourselves whether our fellow Thais will still be happy if we continue to have a PM who is content to let this matter destroy Thailand’s image abroad by remaining silent.
PM Samak always likes to vent his anger against his political and social subordinates, but he is currently keeping very quiet over this vital issue - and does not seem to be making any move to protect the country’s image.

The return of Pradarb and the donation request for the Prachathai website - translated and summarized from Phujatkan; Author: Panthep Puapongpan; August 20, 2008
The correspondent with the pen name ’Pradarb’ writes for the pro-Thaksin Prachathai website, and was also a founder of the now banned Hi-Thaksin website. He is also an ardent supporter of deposed Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. Pradarb disappeared from political ’showbiz’ in April this year, after receiving a request from the Shinawatra family to take the Hi-Thaksin website offline. The website was terminated because it was the subject of  lèse majesté allegations that were embarassing to the Shinawatra family at that time. Pradarb is now returning to print, after Thaksin recently fled to the United Kingdom to avoid the numerous lawsuits out against him in this country. The ’Return of Pradarb’ has come at the same time that the Prachathai website is urging its supporters club to donate funds for the running of the site.
I doubt that this action is a serious attempt to raise money from pro-Thaksin groups for a legal defense fund to assist Thaksin with the corruption lawsuits currently out against him. Pradarb’s comments on the Thai judicial system - over the Thaksin lawsuits - are, to me, an attempt by the writer to please Thaksin in order to solicit funding for the running of the Prachathai website. I also view Pradarb’s comments, on the recent Criminal Court judgments against Thaksin’s wife, as libellous of that court’s authority - as laid down by our current constitutional monarchy.

Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces’ named Jakrapob, Daranee and Cheep - translated and summarized from Phujatkan; Author: Warith Limthongkul, August 21, 2008
The political movement that is attempting to destroy this country’s constitutional monarchy could be likened to what I will now refer to as the ’key’ pieces in a jigsaw puzzle. The ’pieces’ in question are 3 interlinked political figures who are playing a significant role in the current political turmoil. The first ’piece’ is Jakrapob Penkair, a former Foreign Minister who is currently faced with a lèse majesté charge. The second is Da Torpedo, who was recently arrested on lèse majesté charges after she made some inflammatory speeches during a ’Democratic Alliance against Dictatorship’ (DAD) political rally. The third is the 102.75 FM radio host Chucheep Cheewasut (AKA Cheep Chuchai), who hosts a program entitled, ’The Legend of the Hierarchy’. Chucheep is a known associate of a close aide of the deposed Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. The background to these 3 ’pieces’ is basically that they are known to have highly-idealistic visions of social revolution. I believe that it is high-time that the public woke up to the realty of the political jigsaw puzzle that these 3 people are trying to assemble with themselves as key pieces.

Making its debut - translated and summarized from Matichon; Column: Pid Mai Mid, August 21, 2008
It is known that the Pheu Thai Party (PTP) is a political party which has been set up as a backup for politicians of the People Power Party (PPP) - which could be disbanded during the next few days.
Some former PPP parliamentary candidates have already become members of the new party. No one in the new party is as yet an existing Member of Parliament (MP), however. Additionally, nobody in the Thai political scene is as yet familiar with any of the names that the PTP is likely to soon choose as its parliamentary candidates for any upcoming elections.
The PTP is now preparing to move its administration to a new office. It is said that the new party (which could eventually become as powerful as the PPP) will initially use the Shinawatra Thai Silk Building on Sukhumvit 23 as its new home.
In order to make ready their new place, PTP’s executives have called on their members to make an extra special effort to get their new political power off the ground - so that the executives will not have to face for long the stigma of being labelled an ineffective party with unsuccessful parliamentary candidates.
PTP executives recently met to select a parliamentary candidate for the upcoming by-election in a constituency in Roi Et Province. (This by-election resulted from an Electoral Commission decision to hand a ‘red card’ to an MP of the Puea Paendin Party who was elected for this constituency in the December 2007 General Election.) PTP believe that their first candidate will achieve a resounding victory in the constituency - and that this will be a fortuitous sign for the future of their new party. The PTP executives responsible for selecting their first parliamentary candidate are apparently prepared to let a former PPP parliamentary candidate submit an application to stand in the constituency. They will need to make sure, however, that the first PTP parliamentary candidate is not a former Northeastern PPP MP aligned with the ‘Newin’s Fellows’ group.

Cheep Chuchai seeks asylum? - translated and summarized from Krungthep Turakit; Column: Kae Roy Karn Muang; Author: Pracha Buranavithee, August 15, 2008
The ‘Big Boss’ and his lady have recently decided to go to London to live. Meanwhile, a major advocate of his policies has also quietly disappeared from Thailand. His name is Cheep Chuchai, and he currently has a legal case out against him on the same [lèse majesté] charges as Da Torpedo. Amongst the network of those who hate the aristocracy, everyone seems to know exactly where Cheep Chuchai is hiding right now - but they are loath to reveal his whereabouts. Today, he was still talking on the phone, ‘live on-air’ on the 92.75 FM radio station for taxi-drivers, with Shinawatra Haboonpat. It is as if Cheep wants to tell everyone that, “I’m doing just fine!”.
As we know, Cheep Chuchai is one of those ‘October’ people. After the October 6 Massacre in 1976, Cheep and his Mahidol University friends hid themselves away in the northeastern forests. This fugitive group became known as ‘Somchai’s Fellows’. This year, Chucheep has stood up to oppose any actions within the People Power Party that run contrary to the needs and desires of deposed Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra and his family.
Those who hate the bourgeoisie are now in a difficult predicament, however. There are currently no real signs that the ‘Big Boss’ wants to recommence his political struggle within Thailand, since he has already flown to England to live the good life.
[Cheep Chuchai is apparently an alias for the Chucheep Cheewasut who is named in some reports here and here.]

Phutjatkhan, August 15, 2008 - Maew [Thaksin] - Or [Pojaman] – national cheating criminals

Komchadluek, August 15, 2008 - Police files criminal records- Issue arrest warrants for Thaksin-Pojaman - Arrest warrants to be sent nationwide - Thaksin’s lawyer threatens to file charge against this

Banmuang, August 15, 2008 - National Police issues criminal arrest warrants on Thaksin-Pojaman

Above: Matichon, August 18, 2008 - The caption reads: PAD’s gag - The People’s Alliance for Democracy brings pictures of Thaksin Shinnawatra and his spouse Pojaman on their arrest warrants to decorate their rally stage background at the Makkhawan Rangsan rally platform on August 16th.

Thaksin to seek political asylum in Britain: lawyer - SkyNews, August 20, 2008
..."His asylum request will note their malicious treatment in Thailand, where they lack security and freedom," Watchara told reporters.
Thaksin has accused the Thai courts of bias and said he feared his family could not receive a fair trail...
Watchara said Thaksin had instructed his lawyers to file a defamation suit against the protest leaders for parading in a truck carrying a giant banner bearing photos of him and Pojaman and reading "Most Wanted."

Left: Naewna, August 18, 2008 - The caption reads: Manhunt: Reporters reveal that in the men lavatory of the Nangleng Police Station decorated with many plants, contains the arrest warrant announcement for deposed Prime Minister Thaksin Shinnawatra and his spouse Pojaman on the Ratchada land purchase corruption case.

Must Believe - Thai Rath; cartoon by Chai Ratchawat, August, 2008

Must Believe [perhaps the meaning is closer to "believe it or not" - literally, it means something like "if you don't believe, you must believe finally"]

Top left to right:

In this country the government pays for bus rental fees at the rate more expensive than buying the new buses. [Reference to the latest transport scandal with an overblown budget. Allegations of overpaying for fleets of government vehicles is a perennial complaint.]

In this country, a dead one-and-a-half year old was charged for a scholarship by the Education Committee. [Reference to a deceased toddler being billed for education fees.]

In this country, a child is allowed to play dreadful game until he killed a taxi driver to collect his game point award. [Reference to the Grand Theft Auto murder]

Bottom left to right:

In this country, people who wear a shirt with the messages “Chinese offspring love the country” are guilty. [Refers to attempts by the Prime Minister to investigate people wearing such shirts at the PPP rally for inciting racial hatred.]

In this country, from a kindergarten student to the ministerial post holder, a person has to buy their chair to sit in. [Refers to the reality that Thais have to pay bribes and kickbacks from a very early age to get desirable positions in school and government.]

In this country, the Prime Minister who argues with the press everyday without boredom. [Reference to PM Samak’s combative remarks to the press.]

Please accept the truth that… - Matichon; Column: Kaolao Ruammit; Author: Tin, August, 2008

Please accept the truth that…

Top left to right:

The man says: I must be in jail if I do not try to seek asylum. [Reference to Thaksin seeking asylum overseas.]

The man holding the sign says: “If I do not act as comedian, my role is the actor of the movie “Home alone” The sign reads: Withdraw! [This refers to hapless Suwit Kunkitti, leader of the Puea Pandin Party, who announced his party was withdrawing from the government. However, party members ignored him and affirmed they were staying in the government. Suwit was left "Home alone."]

People on a log in the sea: “No chance to survive” [This refers to the three PPP members related to the lottery case now under investigation.]

Bottom left to right:

The caption reads: This is called dam, not reservoir. The sign in the river read: Khong River [Refers to a project where PM Samak wants to build a reservoir. However the project is alleged to be understated and what is to be built is a "dam" -- in Thai this word is used to denote something larger than a reservoir.]

The 6 measures of the government are really good. The plate on the locomotive says “Makkhawan - Songkhla PAD -  Trang – Nakhon Sri Thammarat” [This refers to the six economic stimulus measures the government has put into place. One of the, free train rides, has resulted in many people crowing trains. The joke is that this will allow many people from anti-PPP/Thaksin areas to come to Bangkok for free to protest.]

Not able to solve the conflict because is naive about democracy. [Shows a map of the country with a baby bottle.]

From Poojadkarn, August 12, 2008, by Buncha Kamin - The caption reads: Yesterday, Nong Kay [a Thai Olympic gold medallist] was not the only one who made Thai people happy.…
Thaksin holds a sign that reads: Take asylum to England.

From Krungtepturakit, August 13, 2008 - The person underground is the personification of death or hell. He says: If there is nobody to give you a place to take asylum, come down… I guarantee your safety.

From Krungtepturakit, August 13, 2008, by Arun - This cartoon portrays the Shinawatras as aliens fleeing with expensive suitcases onto a spaceship. This is perhaps to show the Shinatwatra's unconventional nature--they never seemed to be following conventional Thai rules of behavior in the way they aggressively played politics or dealt with respected figures.

Krungthepturakit, August 11, 2008 - Thaksin Pojaman flee - Aim to take asylum in London and will announce the reason today

Komchadluek, August 12, 2008

Top left: Photo of the Queen on the occasion of her birthday

Top right: Olympians paying respect to royalty after a victory

Bottom left: Story about Thaksin in exile: Thaksin takes asylum with Or [Pojaman] to England, claims that will be assassinated - Point to sell Man City

On the Thaksin photo: Finally Thaksin takes asylum

Matichon, August 12, 2008

Top left: Photo of the Queen on the occasion of her birthday

Top right headline: Maew [Thaksin]-Pojaman do not come back to Thailand - Flee to England! - Rumors are they fly to Oak, Aim and Ung-ing [the Thaksin children] whom Or's [Pojaman's] secretary took [to England] them in advance - Prepare to announce his reason

Bottom right: Photo of Prapawadee Jaroenrattanatarakul who won Thailand's first gold in the Beijing Olympics

The standpoint of the government - translated and summarized from Komchadluek; Column: Editorial, August 15, 2008
What is the current standpoint of the government over the issue of the former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra? Can this government coexist with the judiciary and its judicial processes in their current form? These questions need clear answers, and the eventual answers could be a good indicator of whether the Samak government is running the country for one person’s benefit or for the happiness of the Thai people as a whole.
By allowing its Public Relations Department and its radio and television broadcasting channels to fall under the influence of Thaksin and his family network (one of whom has already been handed a jail sentence by a criminal court), this government has shown that it supports criminals - and does not support the punishment of Thaksin for his misdemeanors. This is especially true in the case of Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej, whose reactions indicate that he disagrees with the recent actions of the judiciary. His People Power Party (PPP) is now also working hard to get an amnesty for Thaksin, to avoid the former PM having to fully face up to the many things he did wrong during his tenure as PM.
Does this government really want Thai people to perceive that it is standing up for bad people? By using its own media outlets to commit calumny against the judiciary, is this government also sending a message that it both agrees with and supports corrupt people - and does not accept the current role of the judiciary?
The judiciary is currently the only institution that we can still trust, since the executive and legislative branches of government have already forged an alliance to protect their mutual interests - and are both now firmly working for the benefit of a certain politician and his ‘network’.
Will Thais let a government, that seemingly condones and supports criminality, remain in power?

Thaksin’s political heir - translated and summarized from Matichon; Author: Nitthi Aiewsriwong, August 16, 2008
Even before the September 19 coup of 2006, I had already commented in this column that the (now) deposed Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra was already a person whose political career was at an end. The only thing he really now has left is his power and his financial influence. He has now fled to the UK to avoid the lawsuits out against him in this country, and has thus failed to report himself to the Criminal Court for a scheduled hearing of one of the cases. I would say that Thaksin now has a permanent ‘handicap’ that will probably prevent him returning to politics for the rest of his life. So now is the right time to take a look-round to consider who could become Thaksin’s political heir.
I believe that if the new Pheu Thai Party is to be successful, it will need to change its marketing strategy to be more in accordance with rapidly changing Thai social mores. It will also need to make itself more amenable to middle-class values. In my opinion, Thaksin and his supporters have had a profound effect on Thai politics. However, if this new party is to adapt to current social trends, it must inevitably face the issue of the political succession to deposed PM Thaksin.
I note that even if the Chart Thai and Democrat parties avoid being dissolved by the law courts, they might still be wracked by internal conflicts. Some members of ‘The 111 Thai Rak Thai Foundation’ could possibly be viewed as ‘proper’ parliamentary candidate material in future elections, but they would probably find it difficult to find a political party with a ‘strong’ base that would be willing to take them on after the ban on their political activity expires.
Thai politics will likely continue in its current chaotic ways, if it remains for the most part unresponsive to this country’s current social trends.

The rich in trouble – Land tax and inheritance law to be proposed - translated and summarized from Thai Post, August 14, 2008
Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Dr. Surapong Suebwonglee discloses that the Land and Property Tax Act is expected to be proposed next month. The committee overseeing the act has submitted the draft act to him and he already approved it. The Finance Ministry sees that it is necessary to propose the act to meet the standard of international law, which says tax must be collected from a person who does not use his land at a higher rate than a person who makes use of his land. It might take some time before the law comes into effect. The new law will replace the existing Housing and Land Tax Act. In addition, the Finance Ministry is conducting a feasibility study on the collection of inheritance tax. Details will be provided if the decision reaches conclusion. Under the Land and Property Tax Act, tax collection from residential property will not exceed 0.1% of tax base, and not over 0.05% will be collected from agricultural property. For abandoned estate, tax collection in the first three years will not exceed 0.5% and will be raised every three year if the owner still does not make any use of the land plot. However, the collection will not be over 2% of the tax base.

Stop this devastating project! - for the sake of both Bangkokians and Northerners - translated and summarized from Phujatkan; Column: Siding with the People (Khang Pracharat); Author: Siri Anya, August 1, 2008
This People Power Party-led government has a mega-project in the planning that it says will deal with the water problems of both Bangkokians and Northeasterners: The Nam Ngum Hydro-Electric Project in Laos. This project would require a great deal of capital investment, but might seem to some to constitute just another form of state robbery from the Thai people.
I believe that this project is unnecessary, because I am not convinced that Thailand really suffers from a shortage of water in the dry season. Our water shortages are mainly due to a lack of efficiency in water resource management, and a lack of reservoirs to conserve water for the dry season. If the Nam Ngum project is allowed to proceed, Central and Northeastern Thailand might actually end up suffering even greater flood problems. Supporters of this government stand to benefit to the tune of billions of baht from this project. It is for this reason that the project is likely to go ahead.
I also wish to point out that the conflicts of interest in this project. There is a company that seems destined to receive the concession for this project from the government, which is headed by Yien Ping - a close associate of deposed Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. There is also a conflict of interest with France - the country that assists the Democratic Republic of Laos to plan all of its water resource projects. It should be pointed out that France played a major role in brokering the recent highly-contentious territorial agreement with Cambodia, over the Preah Vihear Temple.
I wish to urge all Thai citizens, the Office of the Auditor-General and the National Counter Corruption Commission to scrutinize this project very closely. We should put a stop to this project.

Pullman Hotel - operational base of the ‘Boss’ - scene of his “Let’s seek asylum!” decision - translated and summarized from Krungthep Thurakit; Column: Kae Roy Karn Muang; Author: Chalao Kanchana, August 14, 2008
Regarding Thaksin Shinawatra’s recent explanation of the reasons why he did not attend a scheduled court appearance, but instead decided to take his family to England to seek political asylum. Many people have wondered why this statement was sent [by fax] from the Pullman King Power Hotel on a soi off Rang Nam Road in Bangkok [Phayathai District].
The sending of Thaksin’s statement from this location was neither a routine occurrence or an accident. It could be said that it was a move by the ‘Gang of Four’ (GOF) to show that it still enjoys the full confidence of the ‘Boss’. It could also indicate that the Boss still has the full backing of the GOF - as led by Newin Chidchob.
People may have been wondering if the idea to apply for asylum was Thaksin’s own, or that of one of his associates. It has now been discovered that Thaksin was encouraged to seek asylum by a group of people who love him almost unconditionally. This group is led by the same man who is also the leader of the GOF.
The GOF has recently been working with a highly-experienced legal team to analyze all the various legal cases that have been initiated against the Shinawatra family, with a view to figuring out whether the Boss should stand his ground or just flee the country. This legal team recently arrived at the conclusion that the Boss should flee the country for a while, as it would only serve to foment further conflicts if he were to stand and fight. The Boss apparently made his decision to seek political asylum on the sole advice of Newin Chidchob - that renowned fighter of the Boss’s many causes.
From now on, Newin Chidchob will be the [de facto] leader of the People Power Party (PPP). The GOF leader will also oversee all political and economic matters in the PPP-led government. This man is even scarier than the Boss himself.

Thaksin is not the first asylum seeker - translated and summarized from Phujatkan; Column: n/a; Author: Chaianand Samutwanit; August 14, 2008
Deposed Premier Thaksin Shinawatra is seeking his asylum to live in UK. I think that living faraway from the home land might make Thaksin to think about how he had faced unfair treats that push him to be in the position far beyond the old days when he had many affiliates and subordinate politicians who serve him. He was once a man who was praised for his merits that he supports many poor in the faraway areas. He might be proud of what he did and doubted why he has to escape. I would tell that Thaksin is not the first asylum seeker. In the past, Thailand have other key figures who played important roles in doing goods for the nation who seeks asylum. The first is first Statesman of the country Pridi Pnomyong who died in foreign country. He was the great man whose outstanding role was his support to the Democratic Reform in the year 1932. The other is Doctor Puay Eungphakorn who sought asylum after the October 6th 1976 democratic movement of the people. However, these two men's great merits to the country cannot compare to Thaksin's reputation. They were upright men who have no political influences or involvement in corruption like the deposed Premier Thaksin.

Kalib’s "People’s War" - translated and summarized from Phujatkan; Author: Warit Limthongkul, August 14, 2008
A Lohk Wun Nee [World Today] newspaper columnist, with the pen name of Kalib, has recently attracted a great deal of interest through his apparent incitement of further national schism. Kalib expressed his opinions in 3 articles, entitled “Why come back?”, “Asylum” and “Poisonous blow”.  His first article advised deposed Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra to avoid the criminal cases laid against him by seeking political asylum in the UK - in accordance with Chinese strategies of waging war. In his second article, Kalib said that he would support any attempt by Thaksin to return to Thailand to recommence the political struggle. In his third article, Kalib criticized Thailand’s judicial system. Kalib appears to be espousing ideas that could easily provoke further political schism in this country. He, perhaps, has one eye open to the possibility of provoking a popular uprising (“People’s War”) to support the return of Thaksin to power.
I would say that such notions are unlikely to come to pass, since the only sure way to create such a popular uprising would be for a coup d’état to first take place. The current situation does not really appear ripe for such a coup, however - so there are unlikely to be sufficient incendiary events to generate the necessary blaze to get a popular uprising really started. 

Chinese love nation - Nation Weekend, August 10, 2008
The headline shows the controversial t-shirts used at the PAD. The government contends these inject a divisive racial element into the protest.
Various headlines read: Gang of 2 Por. and 2 hails and 2 masters - War of Tamoeunthom castle [in Surin] - News talk with the socially accused - Mission of Sunny-Jack

Pim Thai, August 4, 2008 - Cancel constitutional amendment to stop triggering the fuse leading to the recurrence of the October 6th coup. Suggestion for avoiding the bloody war downtown - PAD challenge government moving hurriedly in revising charter

Komchadleuk, August 5, 2008 - Thailand claims for seizure the Prasat Muang Thom [temple] from Cambodia. The Khmer counterpart moves to urge the return of "Ta Muan Tom" [Khmer name for the temple]
The blue splatter reads: Hot news! Before others

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