Thai Media Project – October 2007

"Let them fight..." - Krungtepturakit, October 9, 2007
Pa [says]... Let them fight. It is enjoyable. [Pa is Privy Councilor Prem Tinlasoolanon thought to be the most influential force behind the interim government. The fighting children are Prasong (left) and PM Surayud (right).]

Leader of anti-Tesco group threatened - translated and summarized from Phujatkhan, October 8, 2007
Thunya Limpatanakun the owner of a beverage store, is one of the leaders of a group of retailers opposing the construction of Tesco Lotus in Amphur Kampangsaan, Nakornpatom province. She disclosed to journalists that while she was sitting at her desk, she was just barely missed by a bullet shot into her house. She believed that this bullet was the result of her resistance to TESCO LOTUS construction. She quickly informed the police of the incident.

Editorial: Because he tried to resist the passage of flowing water - translated and summarized from Phujadkan, October 5, 2007
It is unbelievable that Gen. Tossatorn Muang-am has been appointed the permanent-secretary of the Ministry of Interior, replacing Gen. Bannawit Kengrien, who has been dismissed from his post.
These two generals, who played a major role while the country was ruled tyrants [referring to the former Thaksin government], have received a tragic destiny. It shows that brave people will not receive any respect, unlike those that flatter and pander to their superiors.
The reason of the transfer could be that Gen. Bannawit obstructed somebody’s rise to power.
Gen. Bannawit has done many things for the sake of the Kingdom; he has acted like a hero. However, in this land, these kind of people are not wanted. We must realize that if Gen. Tossarot Muang-am tries to do things which benefit the Kingdom, but steps on someone’s foot, he will just be swept by the current.

Editorial: At risk of losing face - translated and summarized from Kom Chad Luek, October 8, 2007
The move to transfer Admiral Bannawit Kengrien from the position of Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Defence to a chief advisor position and run a disciplinary probe against him has drawn the public’s interest.
The reason people are interested is because of the purchase of weapons for the armed forces, including a Ukraine-made armoured vehicle, which cost nearly four billion baht. The purchase was not transparent and some groups are expected to illegally benefit from the action.
Several parties criticized the purchase of the Ukraine vehicle as it is an outdated one and may cause troubles. A Russian vehicle is more advanced by far. The purchasing process is also questioned.
As long as the force cannot clarify the decision and answer questions, the Ukraine vehicle issue will not end, possibly tarnishing the image of the armed forces.

Revered Buddhist monk passes away, but leaves behind a life’s work to remind his fellow Buddhists - translated and summarized from Matichon, October 12, 2007
The death of revered Buddhist monk Luang Por Panyanandha Bhikkhu was recently announced [October 10]. Phra Panyanandha devoted his entire life to the Buddhist religion, and taught many people to follow the good principles of the Lord Buddha. Many Buddhists will mourn the death of this revered monk, but he has left behind his works and his teachings to remind his fellow Buddhists of the principles that they should continue to follow. Phra Panyanandha was widely known for his focus on the attainment of true Buddhist wisdom through daily good deeds.

Mind the People! - translated and summarized from Komchadluek, October 10, 2007
The term of the interim government will soon end, with the upcoming general election. We note that there are many ongoing conflicts between Prime Minister Surayud ’s government and the National Legislative Assembly (NLA), as the NLA is in the process of testing the transparency of the PM and his cabinet. It is important that the government now concerns itself with the well-being of its citizens, who are increasingly faced with problems in the economy and in their standard-of-living.

More fighting sons - Poojadkuan, October 9, 2007
A poll points out that families in Thailand are in turmoil.
For example: Pa's sons still fight each other. ["Pa" is Privy Councilor Prem Tinlasoolanon and his quarreling sons are PM Surayud (left) and Prasong (right).

Brain parasite - Matichon by Son, October 8, 2007

Doctor: I x-rayed your brain and found that you have headache at present because this parasite bored your brain. [Prasong Soonsiri's head is on the body of a worm.]

Surayud thinks: Appears familiar. 

Editorial: Postponement of election would yield only negative results - translated and summarized from Matichon, October 4, 2007
Several ministers in the Gen. Surayud Chulanont’s government have already resigned, including Government Spokesman Dr. Yongyuth Maiyalarp. The National Legislative Assembly is now investigating the moral standing of members of the Cabinet, including Gen. Surayud.
It is rumored that Gen. Surayud may resign. The bomb attack on September 30, which injured two police officers, raised concerns among the public. People thought that the election, which has been scheduled for December 23, would be postponed by three to four months.
The rumor of the postponement of the election has affected people negatively. Those who understand the situation will know that only natural disasters and the destruction of the constitution can obstruct the election.
Thai people are now looking forward to voting on December 23. Other countries are also monitoring whether the election will be held as scheduled. All parties should urge authorities to push for a successful election and do not let some bad apples ruin it.

Editorial: Why topple the PM? - translated and summarized from Matichon, October 5, 2007
The article comments on the movements of the National Legislative assembly on checking the performance of Prime Minister Surayud Chulanont and his Cabinet concerning transparency in the administration. The author doubts whether some members of the NLA want the PM to resign from his post. However, the author supports the address of the NLA Chairman, Meechai Ruechupan who says the PM should stay until the interim government ends its term.

Editorial: The PM’s important mission - translated and summarized from Komchadluek, October 6, 2007
The government of General Surayud Chulanont has been leading the country towards an election, and many people consider this to be the most important mission of his government. There is a perception, however, that the Prime Minister considers all other issues as of lesser importance. This has led to speculation that General Surayud no longer has a desire to be the country’s Prime Minister. Moreover, many people continue to worry that the country will still not be at peace after the election - because of the continuing political conflict. Many people now also view the coup d’etat as a mistake, which has led to yet more conflict - as politicians continue to fight over access to the money and power with which they can control the country.

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