Editorial Cartoons – September 2007

Thai humor: Political performance - Na Ban Bang Kae, Manager, September 21, 2007

Left panel: Gen. Sonthi to Gen. Anupong: I appoint you to be the C-in-C.

Right panel: Professor Thirayuth Boonmi [social commentator and frequent critic of the CNS]: I appoint you to be a heroine of likay [a stylized form of Thai folk dance].

[Over the last few weeks Gen. Sonthi has been vague about the C-in-C appointment as well as his own future in political life. This cartoonist is comparing Sonthi's actions and his playing politics to one who performs a stylized performance in a Likay play.]

Tank running in circles - Krungtepturakit, September 19, 2007
On the tank is reads "CNS." The tank is circling an overturned constitution.
The caption reads: One year past... just do this so far!!!

"CNS - Just one year" - Krungthepturakit, September 20, 2007

Money - Matichon, cartoon by Son, September 22, 2007
Top: Ha, ha... You be sure
Bottom: We have an advantage over other parties.. Hee... Hee...

"Rest in peace!" - Thairath, September 19, 2007
Rest in peace!
On the bottom left it reads: 1 year of CNS

"Bad condition" - Krungtepturakit, September 19, 2007
Bad condition

The C-in-C should be...? - Manager, At Ban Bangkae, September 7, 2007
Left: Before - Sonthi pointed out that the C-in-C must be good as a military [leader] and [good at] administration.
Middle: Yesterday - Sonthi confirmed that the C-in-C must be a good person before being proficient.
Right: Today - Sonthi equivocated that the C-in-C may be a person from the outside or inside [insinuating that a compromise candidate could be chosen which indicates the level of political considerations involved].
Right bottom: So... what for tomorrow?

The lion and the mouse - Thai Rath, September 6, 2007
Samak as the mouse chews through a rope holding Thaksin as the lion. On Samak's shirt are the initials of the People Power Party. At the bottom it reads: Don't forget Aesop's Tales... !
From WikiSource: The Lion and the Mouse

Listen to who? - Thai Rath, September 4, 2007
Panel 1: UN is not (our) father. Don't listen to it.
Panel 2: So, listen to who?
Panel 3: EU.
[This refers to Thaksin's 2003 comment that the "U.N. is not my father" when it was suggested that the U.N. would investigate Thailand's anti-drug campaign that was resulting in large numbers of unexplained deaths. The cartoon points out the irony that Thaksin would want the EU to get involved in monitoring Thailand's election process.]
Another cartoon using this subject is here.

Pojaman and Thaksin remain - August 21, 2007
From Poojadkuan, Na Ban Bangkae by Buncha/Kamin: After the referendum, we know that they are still in these areas.

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