Editorial Cartoons – May 2007

Free Kick!!! - Krungtepturakit, May 22, 2007

Pulling - Krungtepturakit, May 9, 2007
Which way to survive? [Democracy monument is being pulled by the military and politicians.]
Left: This way
Right: That way

Thinking about... - Krungtepturakit, May 4, 2007
Love sports, but addicted to power.

Above: At Ban Bangkae by Buncha Kamin, Poojadkarn, May 3, 2007
Who said Maew [Thaksin] will buy (only) one football team?
Left: New Team that he is going to buy [English football club Manchester City]
Right : Old team that he bought last year. [PTV executives]

"Go ahead, baby, bark at it" - Krungtepturakit, May 3, 2007
The government paid 5 million baht to hire an American P.R. firm to fight against Thaksin - Go ahead, baby, bark at it.
Left: American PR company of the government
Right: PR company of Thaksin - USA Edelman

Annoying appointment - Krungtepturakit, May 3, 2007
Fax from overseas. [A reference to the odd appointment of former PM Thaksin as Thai PGA president.]

Dueling lobbyists - Krungtepturakit, May 3, 2007
(In this) fight (who) will get rich?

Afraid of the mob? - Daily News, April 24, 2007
Aren't you afraid of the battering storm, sir?
PM Surayud is told: 22-27 April 2007, the mob has a big meeting to hit the government and CNS.

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