Thai Media Project – April-May 2007

Coup the only tactic! - Nation Weekend, April 6, 2007

The headline means something like "Coup is the only answer for them" or "Coup is their only option or tactic" perhaps implying that the military do not use a variety of tactics or that another coup might be in the works--this is a particular theme of the Nation Group recently.

Throat inflamed - Siamrat Weekly, April 6, 2007

In March, General Sonthi used the Thai expression, "like a throat and an Adam's apple" to show the CNS and the government were working very closely together.

The headline on this magazine, "Throat inflamed," means that the PM, the "throat" in the metaphor is ailing and thus not working well with the "adam's apple" or CNS.


"Investment floundering" - Thailand Round-up, March 28-April 3, 2007

Victim? Paradise land of investment [meaning Thailand] is floundering.

Try diligently, but it is useless… - Kaoloaruammitr, April 1, 2007

Top left to right: Try to be nude, but couldn’t do merit. [A reference to the much-criticized nude photo shoot for an AIDS charity at a temple.]
The method of holding 30%. Try to hold, but the finance minister said it is only paper. [A reference to the controversial 30% withholding rule for foreign funds. The government later backtracked saying how the rule was written and how it is implemented are different things.]
Try waiting a month to know the cause of fish death, but still do not know yet. [Reference to the pollution that caused mass fish deaths in the Chao Phraya.]

Bottom left to right: Try closing Sanam Luang, but could not stop the mob. [Reference to the attempt to stop the PTV protests.]
Try to make it, but the PM did not agree. [A reference to Gen. Sonthi's suggestion to launch an emergency decree. Gen. Sonthi is shown holding a bomb indicating the expected violent aspect of such a decree.]
Try revolution [a coup], but nothing is better. [Meaning the country's situation has not changed much after the coup.]

"Whose house?" - Thairath by Chai Ratchawat, March 25, 2007
Top left to right: Police from hell from Ban Mor police station [reference to a police officer you chopped off lady's arm who spurned him]
Ban Ua arethorn, before it belonged to poor people. [now it is being eaten by corruption allegations]
Stop stirring up trouble at Ban Khao Yai Tieng [Surayaud's house where he was accused of possessing a train carriage], come to stir up trouble at Ban Sisao [Prem’s house]
Bottom left to right: Carry money to buy a new house in England - 400 million baht [Thaksin's wife was granted permission to take 400 million baht out of Thailand to buy a house.]
Oh.. our home in the south.
The last house of politicians and officials who corrupt and cheat the nation. [a prison]

Also: Kao Lao cartoons

Right-wing magazine from the south - March 27, 2007

This is Kha Paendin Siam [Thai people], a right-wing news magazine.

Among the headlines:

Religious treasure

Development-oriented governor Mekin Methawikul

Be careful!
Bad situation, a result of Thaksin

Miraculous fate + Seeking fortune
Why did they rush general election?

Right: The issue contains an article "Following the trail of Thaksin" - Among other things, the article says that after the bombings in Bangkok, he gave interviews to the Asian Wallstreet Journal and CNN to discredit the CNS and the government and not accept being dismissed from Thailand.

"It is strange" - Kaolaoruammitr, Matichon, March 25, 2007

Top from left to right: Some TV channel--if we want to watch--we must go to Sanam Luang. [Reference to the protest against the banning of PTV. ]

When they [the military] revolted [against the government], we gave them flowers. At present we are afraid they will continue [holding] power.
[Across the tank: Continue holding power.]

Why are some people diligently leading lighting to the constitution?
[Left: P.M. from outside [non-elected PM] Right: amnesty [for the coup plotters]]

Bottom: Housewife and driver come back to be famous again.
[The words under each read Ua Arethorn driver and Ua Arethorn housewife. This is a reference to Thaksin's servants who held massive amounts of his wealth before his first government. Ua Arethorn is in reference to the allegedly corruption-ridden public housing project. We are not sure the connection between the two in the cartoon...]

We have good soldiers, but we did not send them to quell the southern thieves.
[On the van: Had Yai-Betong. This is a criticism of minivan massacre earlier this month that the military seems helpless to stop.]

He was PM for eight years, but he was not debated. Now he is debated at Sanam Luang.
[A reference to the two-term government of Prem that was never debated in a non-confidence motion. Now Prem is being assailed by protestors at Sanam Luang.]

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