Editorial cartoons – January-February 2007

Editorial cartoon
"True Love" from Krungtepturakit, February 14, 2007
Left: Democracy
Right: Coup/revolution
At bottom: The skeletons hug each other for many thousand of years.
[Based on this week's news of a pair of skeletons embracing.]

Editorial cartoon
Hed Kerd Yak Bangna [Things that happened at Bangna intersection] by Kuy, Komchadluek, February 10, 2007
Panel 1: Do you believe there is one external media that Thaksin doesn't dare to give an interview with?
Panel 2: What is the external media?
Panel 3: That's the outside of eye media ASTV, Poed. [Poed is the name of the little boy in the cartoon. ASTV is "out of the eye" or "not controlled" by Thaksin. In Thai "external" can mean "external" or "not controlled by," hence the joke that ASTV, the satellite television network of the Manager Group, is "not controlled by" Thaksin...]

Editorial cartoon
Na Ban Bangkae by Buncha/Kamin, Manager, February 14, 2006
Panel 1: Control tower? Two guys on runway made me confused. I should land or not? Answer me urgently!
Panel 2: The man on the left holds a flag reading: Close Suwannapoom. The other flag reads: Keep Suwannapoom open.

Editorial cartoon
Thairath cartoon by Chai Ratchawat, January 28, 2007

Title: Are you puzzled?

Top left to right: Vocational students’ life  in Bangkok is as risky as teachers in the south. [A reference to violent fighting between vocational students in Bangkok.]

Police  who arrest the scapegoat were criticized… and when they released the scapegoat, they also were criticized again. [A reference to the arrest of alleged military bomb plotters and their subsequent release.]

CNS speaks, nobody believes. Government speaks, nobody speaks, but when the fortune teller speaks, people believe.

Bottom left to right: Rottweiler, a dog breed, although it bites its owner and kills him... and this news is in the newspaper many times... but people still feed it.

American diplomat…How dare he is audacious [enough to comment on] Thailand's constitution drafting. [This is likely a reference to garrulous American Ambassador to Thailand Ralph Boyce.]

[The authorities] do not want the media to present news about Thaksin, but the media presents Thaksin interview news almost every day.

Editorial cartoon
Manager, January 31, 2007- Na Ban Bangkae [Ban Bangkae is the place where old people stay] by Buncha / Kamin
The word is the name of Suwannapoom Airport in Thai, but the letters are eaten meaning the airport was eaten by corruption.
Left to right: Corrupted [eaten] by the Democrat Party by the Chat Thai Party
by the the Kitsangkom Party [Social Action Party or SAP Party] swallowed by Thai Rak Thai Party

Editorial cartoon
Khao Sod, Yamyai, February 4, 200
Top, left to right: Bad smelling around the world.
Thaksinomics is the best.
Do you hear? Suwannapoom breaks up.
Bottom, left to right: A poll said the government of old gingers still cheats. ["Old gingers" referring to the present government made up of elderly men. The small sign in the food reads "the nation's assets"]
Famous monk deceives female Aussie tourist to rape her.
Foreigners don't dare to come to Thailand because of afraid of Bombs - Bombs in the south - Bombs in Bangkok - Bomb newspapers

Shortcuts, Thairath, by Chai Ratchawat, December 24, 2006

From top left to right: Two missiles bearing the NCCC [The National Counter Corruption Commission] and ASC [The Assets Scrutiny Committee] acronyms are about to hit some people. The results of their actions, using a shortcut, are returning to them.

Some people who wanted to hit the jackpot by horse and boxing betting, lotteries and football gambling might end up committing suicide [because they were in huge debts].

Video clips – a quick way to become a star.

Bottom left to right: See death sooner if you drink and drive.

Camfrog – a shortcut to finding people who have something in common with you. [Camfrog was noted a site for Thai authorities to block since young people were posting racy videos of themselves on the site.]

Electric circuits love shortcuts, too. [electric shorts]

Editorial cartoon
Kom Chad Luek, January 20, 2007 - Singapore spits on the Thai regime

Thairath by Chai Ratchawat, January 15, 2007
The problem of two families
Left: Son who makes trouble for father. [referring to Chaloem Yoobanrung’s wild, troublemaking son]
Right: Father who make trouble for kids. [referring to Thaksin's son who had to be questioned last week as the holder of Shin Corp. shares]
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