Finding a Leader for Thaksin’s Party – December 2006

Manager, December 25, 2006 - Leave the space
Thaksin says to Chaowalit Yongjaiyut: Pa [Pa Prem] is biased. He loves younger brothers [other top military figures] more than you. Come to be in my group and attack them.

Krungtepturakit, December 25, 2006
The note on the door: Uncle Santa, I wish for the teacher not to be shot and schools not to be burned.
Bottom left: Easy to ask for, but difficult to get.

Matichon, December 25, 2006 - by Son

Top frame: Which chair is suitable for old ginger--Big Jiw? [nick name of Chaowalit Yongjaiyut] This one?--The leader of TRT or...

Bottom frame: Or this one to take a rest at home. [Probably making fun of Chaowalit Yongjaiyut's previous vow to retire from politics.]

Way Magazine - December 16, 2006
Above is another interesting Way Magazine graphic from issue 3. The quote is from an interview Thaksin gave to Inc. Magazine in August 2000 before he became PM. Way Magazine is the new magazine from the former a dayweekly team.
Earlier from Way Magazine: Hitler Doremon

Editorial cartoons
Leave the space by Buncha/Kamin - Manager, December 13, 2006
On the chair: Leader of party
The man says: You steal his ATM card and drag his interest another way. For me I will steal the chair of the party leader.” [This a reference to the lackluster leadership of Democrat Party chief Apisit and rumors that other party members are trying to replace him.]

Poojadkuan, December 14, 2006
This is the poster from the Thai movie Kao Kao which means "very old." The movie is about cool 1960s-era musicians. The faces of the people in the poster have been replaced by cabinet members. The main man in the center is PM Surayuth.
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