Editorial cartoons – December 2006

Manager, December 12, 2006 - Kamin .. The era of old ginger [referring to the present government composed of "old gingers" or "old men"] by K’min
Panel 1: To summarize the mob on December 10... there were 30,000 person.
Panel 2: 30,000 what? The media said it was only 1000 people
Panel 3: 1000 is the people who come to protest.
Panel 4: If we count the police, military, intelligence units, vendors and people flying kites so the total will be 30,000.

Editorial cartoons
Manager, December 11, 2006 - Kamin .. The era of old ginger [referring to the present government composed of "old gingers" or "old men"] by K’min
Panel 1: What is in China and it is the longest thing in the world?
Panel 2: Great wall of China!
Panel 3: False!
Panel 4: The pipe for sending the money of Maew. It stretches from Beijing to Sanam Luang. [This is a reference to the widely held belief that Thaksin is funding the anti-government protests at Sanam Luang from overseas. Maew is the nickname of Thaksin.]

Matichon, December 11, 2006 - Cartoon by Son
Top: Er… The young ginger…. The taste is not hot or controversial!
Uncle Son, what evidence do you have to prove it?
Bottom: Notice that when people taste the taste of old ginger they forget the young ginger--Apisit.
[Old ginger refers to the old men of the present government cabinet. The cartoon is making a joke about young Democrat leader Apisit who is seen as widely ineffectual and practically unable to generate publicity for himself or his party.]

Poojadkuan, December 11, 2006
Maew, Or are satisfied when the office of the National Counter Corruption Commission spoke with Mr. Siroj. They confirm that they wanted to pay tax, but he [Siroj] did not collect. [Siroj was the Deputy General of Revenue Department who was thought by many to have helped the Thaksins avoid paying tax on their big business deals. Maew and Or are the nicknames of Thaksin and his wife respectively.]

Editorial cartoons

Matichon, December 10, 2006
Cartoon by Son
Top: Uncle, what one thing is the same about the Democrat Party and the TRT Party?
Bottom: Each party makes a wish for it not to be dissolved.

Above: Komchadluek, December 10, 2006, Cartoon by Kuy
The causes of the undercurrents, December 10
In the bubbles: Old power. Old capital.

Editorial cartoons
Thairath, December 8, 2006, by Zeer
Daily life of the ideal government ["ideal government" referring to a government that is taking on many difficult or high-minded goals to accomplish]
Left: Three southern provinces
On the flag: Sorry
Papers on the ground on the right: North, Esarn, Undercurrent, Burn schools, temples

Poojadkuan, December 8, 2006 - The Ministry of Defense threatens if the military does not get more money from the budget that, next time, when there is a revolution, there will not be enough tanks for people to take photos with.

Editorial cartoons
Krungtepturakit, December 7, 2006 - Leave the space by Buncha/Kamin
Bottom left reads: Old gingers are refreshed/cheerful. [The Thai press has dubbed the elderly cabinet members "old gingers" meaning they are old, but a tonic for the health of the nation. On December 5 HM the King's gave a speech saying he admired the cabinet despite their age, because since they are old they have good experience. This cheers the "old gingers" of the cabinet.]

Poojadkuan, December 6, 2006
Pawina fit to break a record. "Lifts the heaviest gold in the world." [We guess this refers to the gold medal she won in weightlifting.]
Earlier Poojadkuan columns

Thai Rath by zeer, December 7, 2006
Thai people have bad habits... Slowing prosperity? [of the nation]
From left on the poster with Thaksin: Come to seek revenge, Thaksin
On the book: Dhamma, the Ethics of Sufficiency
On Sonthi's hat: CNS
On the paper Sonthi holds: Habit of Thai people: 1. lazy 2. cheating 3. boast 4. jealous
Signs held by protesters (from top to bottom): Undercurrent, Mob, Protest, Return democracy to people
[Last week Sonthi had a speech critiquing the character of Thai people, saying they have bad habits.]

Poojadkuan, December 7, 2006
The astronauts are amazed… The yellow color can be seen from the moon. [referring to the people massed at Sanam Luang on December 5 to honor the King]
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