Editorial cartoons – November 2006

Editorial cartoons
Krungtepturakit, November 29, 2006 - The black sign bottom reads: The pride of all Thai people. The sign at the bottom right reads:: Be careful. The runway is in disrepair.

Poojadkuan, November 27, 2006 - Suggest King Power to sell "Comfort 100" in duty free. [King Power is the company that runs all Thai duty free outlets. Comfort 100 is a receptacle for people to urinate into when stuck in traffic. So the joke is a reference to the lack of restrooms in the new airport.]
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Manager, November 29, 2006 - Leave the space column by Buncha/ Kamin
Left: I am at the high level. [Surayud]
Middle: Me, drop off. [Thaksin]
Right: Remain still. All year, all life. [Is this Apisit?]

Editorial cartoon
Manager cartoon on November 24, 2006 -Column: Leave the space by Buncha/ Kamin On the sign: Thai Malay border.
The bottom reads: Old solider has just known the power of words. [This is a reference to the PM's claim that the Tom Yum Kung restaurant chain in Malaysia was funding the separatists in the south.]

Editorial cartoon
Thai Rath, November 19, 2006

Charlie writes: Did you see this cartoon? About Prem saying Surayud is like Churchill. But she says: Churchill never gave Hitler a diplomatic passport to travel on.

Editorial cartoon
Manager, November 18, 2006 - Leave the space by Buncha/Kamin
Left: Off - Apichat died! Ho…Ho.. [sound of crying]
Why you have to feel sorrow so much?!
On the newspaper: Tai (Off's girlfriend) is shocked and cried, Off - Apichat died.
Right: His news grab my news area on the front page.

Editorial cartoons
Thairath by Zeer, November 8, 2006 - Apology! When will the last dead body be?

Krungtepturakit, November 8, 2006

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