Editorial cartoons – October, 2006

Editorial cartoons
Manager, October 25, 2006, Leave the space by Buncha/Kamin
The dress of the tyrant for coming back to the country
Left: Monk Thanom [October 1976]
Right: Aung San Maew [Dressed like Aung San Suu Kyi]

Krungtepturakit, October 25, 2006,
At the top: The old sentence
Panel 1: Subject [chairperson or president--Meechai]
[the sign in front of Meechai says NLC]
Panel 2: Verb [drafting the constitution]
Panel 3: Object!!! [meaning the people object.]

Editorial cartoons
Krungtepturakit, October 25, 2006
Soldier: There! The big one… tie its mouth and tail so it will have no wave under water. [Wave under water - This is an idiomatic expression that means the situation at present is uncertain.]
Bottom left reads: Oops! The crocodile got out.

Krungtepturakit, October 25, 2006

Mine field!
The mines are labeled: money, gold, acquisition, rank, position

Cartoon Son, Matichon, October 25, 2006

Panel 1: Ouak! [sound of vomiting]
Uncle Son, are you sick? That make you retch?

Panel 2: No. Just seeing this news make me feel retch...
Me too... Ouak!!!

On the newspaper it says: Maew's plan to draw the world to see him like Aung San Suu Kyi

Krungtepturakit, October 20, 2006
On the ghost: Official lottery
The man says: Ohm... Down... [Words to exorcise a spirit. The man is Preediyathon Devakul, Finance Minister who is opposed to the lottery.]

Thairath, October 20, 2006, by Chai Ratchwat
Panel 1: Thaksin made a direct call to the PM asking to back Thailand.
Panel 2: The PM said there is flood trouble--wait until it goes down. / Why can’t he come because of the flood?
Panel 3: He doesn't want to have a wave under the water. [This is an idiomatic expression that means the situation at present is uncertain.]

Manager, October 18, 2006, Leave the space by Buncha/Kamin
The bottom right reads: The difference between a human's flea and a dog’s flea [The man is Jaturon Chaisaeng, caretaker TRT leader. The meaning is that a dog's flea leaves a dead animal and Jaturon has stubbornly stuck to defending Thaksin.]

Above: Thairath, October 19, 2006, cartoon by Zeer Thairath
Bottom left: Happy to be home
On the Thaksin photo: To NSC government. Home sweet home.
On the boot of solider: Revolution

Left: Matichon, October 19, 2006, by Son
Call from England!
How are you there? [The man is Newin Chidchob]

Krungtepturakit, October 17, 2006 - P.S. New cabinet please continue the policy
Khunying says: Which one is corrupt? Return all.
The note on the trunk reads: Seize assets!!
The bottom left reads: Transfer assets to be a capital

Krungtepturakit, October 17, 2006 - At the country door - Knock... knock... [A tiny Thaksin knocks on the door of the countryside--the northeast where his support lies.]

Editorial cartoons

Thairath, October 16, 2006 by Chai Ratchawat
The traffic signs that should be adjusted and changed.

Manager, Poojadkuan, October 16, 2006
Poojadkuan team are chosen for the Legislative Assembly. Pa Bun (Buncha) is called to leave urgently… Afraid that the Assembly may fall. [Buncha is the cartoon mascot of Poojadkuan like Alfred E. Neuman for Mad magazine.]

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