Editorial cartoons – The Death of Thai Rak Thai

From Manager by Buncha/Kamin, October 5, 2006
Left: Klannarong Chantik says ”ja-aey!”  [Klannarong Chantik is former NCCC chief and on the Assets Scrutiny Panel. "Ja-aey” is a greeting word used to surprise children.]
Right: Khunying Jaruvan and Kaewsun Athipothi say “tukkae!” ["Tukkae" is the sound a large gecko makes. Hearing the sound is supposed to make one surprised and fearful. Khunying Jaruvan is a dedicated graft-buster TRT continually tried to side-line and Kaewsun Athipothi is a former senator.]
At the bottom is says: "The hell of former ministers." [meaning now that the government has been overthrown, ministers will be open to corruption investigations]

From Thairath, October 5, 2006
The dog gets sick... the flea jumps...!
In the frame is Thaksin with a resignation letter.
On the dog is the Thai Rak Thai symbol and over the dog's head is the word "dissolution"

From Krungtep Turakit, October 5, 2006
The root of the tree says: "Thaksin regime"
A small figure at the surface says: When the tree falls, don't step past it before digging the root out first. [This is a Thai saying.]
At the bottom right is says: The big tree has deep roots.
[Comment from October, 2011: Looking back, this cartoon was the most prescient. The junta did not move to eliminate Thaksin influence--assuming, as the other cartoonists on this page did, that political factions would scurry away as had happened during other upheavals of the past. However, Thaksin was not finished and did not quietly reside in exile accepting his fate.]

From Komchadluek, October 5, 2006
Left: Typhoon Xangsarn is not harmful. It just causes a flood.
Middle: See... whether it is harmful or not when it came the first day to Thailand...
Right: It blew out TRT and scattered it.

From Krungtep Turakit, October 4, 2006
Worms leave the dead body of Thaksin. The worms carry flags identifying the factions leaving TRT: Chonburi group, Black Wizard group, Wang Payanak. On the right is Wang Namyom faction saying "Hey, let's rush away."
At the bottom is says: The party ends, the parasites rush away!!

From Manager, October 4, 2006
Name of column: Leave a space by Buncha/Kamin
Thaksin's wife Pojaman says: Lucky for us, Jack, we left.
Thaksin says: Yes, Rose.
Caption at bottom: For this Titanic, Jack and Rose survive.

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