Editorial Cartoons – September 2006

More ET jokes - September 16, 2006
Thairath on September 16 - Cartoon by Chai Ratchawat

Left: This government is an e-government--the era of e- commerce business.

Middle: Financial management by E-banking--Bid by E-auction

Right: Plan for the future of the nation by relying on the fortune teller E.T. [E.T. was a popular fortune teller Thaksin and other politicians apparently relied on for guidance.]

Today's Poojadkuan - Manager, September 15, 2006
Left: There is only one person who could whisper one word to me and I would quit immediately...
Right: That person is the fortuneteller E.T.
Caption at bottom: This is the truth.

[This is a reference to a quote from Thaksin in February 2006 when he said he would step down as PM if the King "whispered to me."]

Left: Fortuneteller E.T. sends the signal to PAD, "Next month…you will win for sure."

Earlier Poojadkuan columns

Editorial cartoon - Krungtep Turakit, September 14, 2006
On the headband: Ja Yak ["Giant Ja" - "Ja" is the rank and "Yak" is his nickname which also means "giant." [On the left side is the police, on the right is the military.]
At the bottom: Plaything: "Crazy Car bomb" [The meaning being that Ja Yak is over dramatizing the car bomb incident to make people confused. Even Gen. Pallop who was fired over the incident says Ja Yak is acting crazy.]
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