Editorial cartoons – September 2006

Editorial cartoon - Krungtep Turakit, September 14, 2006
Left: (Thaksin on the Shin Tower building) Wakk (makes an alarm sound with his voice) Assassination, assassination!
Bottom: Bad return with jet
[this means Thaksin's projects like Air Asia have come back to haunt him as it is suspected that the airline has nominees for foreign shareholders]

Editorial cartoon - From Thairath, September 9, 2006
Above: Interviewing the leader in the future!
[The name of the cartoon is "Head of village Ma and Mha Moen" by Chai Ratchawat. He is a famous cartoonist. This cartoon is in reference to the dramatically increased security for the Prime Minister since the car-bomb plot. Journalists have complained that this security makes it hard to have access to the PM.]

Editorial cartoon
Toon’nakarn by Kamin and the gang - Manager, September 9, 2006
Somkid Jatusripitak says: If you want to hear my voice listen to Mr. Pinij and Mr. Somsak. I lend my mouth for them to use.
[Deputy PM and Commerce Minister Somkid Jatusripitak is widely seen as the only alternative PM to Thaksin in the TRT party. Since early this year, the reserved Somkid has been playing a shrewd game indicating his readiness to replace Thaksin at key moments. His recent announcement to supposedly quit politics is just part of the maneuvering within the faction-riddled TRT in the lead up to the next election.
Phinij Jarusombat, Minister of Public Health, and Somsak Thepsuthin, Minister of Labour, have both made calculated public announcements about Somkid's future and his status in the party.]

Editorial cartoon
Cartoon Kamin by K'min - Manager, September 7, 2006
1. There is news of a kouprey found in the forest, but the forest officers are not interested to see.
2. Because it is silent so the forest officers don't pay attention.
3. So how to show and people will be interested?
4. [Have it] shout "Thaksin Get out!"
[This is a reference to continuing allegations that the Forestry Ministry is training thousands of rural villagers in military tactics. At some point these people would be brought to Bangkok and violently support the government. The forest officials are not interested in the rare Kouprey because they are too busy being involved in the political training of villages to support Thaksin. So the cartoon is saying that forestry officials would pay attention to the kouprey if it were shouting anti-Thaksin slogans.]

Editorial cartoon
[We are not sure we understand the humorous element of this...]
Krungthep Turakit, September 7, 2006
Two Pulo members speak:
1. Ha, ha! Finally they turn to negotiate with us. This time they will be in our hand.
2. - Leader, are you sure to dialogue with the government? You will never succeed.
- Why?
3. The PM of this country never keeps his word.

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