Thai Newspapers – August-September 2006

The biggest mass market dailies usually feature their most sensational and frivolous stories for the weekend. Here are two examples from the same day...
Left: Thai Rath , September 3, 2006

Girl with the boa: Her name is Emma. She is very cool. Nearly earned her Dr. degree.

Big headline in the middle: A worker becomes a wealthy man immediately. Promptly flies to get his jackpot of 50 million baht [from the government Lottery]

To the left is something about new warnings for cigarette labels: Smoking makes you get lung cancer. Makes your voicebox get cancer.

Bottom left: Owner of shop in Samui Island showing the parts of a winning lottery ticket.

Bottom right is a man in the sand on Rayong Beach: People come to bury themselves for sand therapy that can treat rumatism, leg, and body pain.

Right: Daily News, September 3, 2006

The "burst" on the upper left says: In this issue you can check the government lottery awards.

Black skull: Hacking of the Narathiwat government website.

Under it the headline reads: Suppression Division search five places where car care targets are

Below is a photo of a dog that can pull a truck.

This is one of the many weekly news magazines.

Left: Siamrath Weekly, September 7, 2006

From the article "Good-bye Thailand":
The shock of the car bomb on 24 August caused a big lost. These are about the certainty of the government to provide safety and security of the nation and a sign to the foreigner not to stay or invest in Thailand.
The index of the Industrial Council [business confidence] is certain to decrease. Employment conditions and industrial investment will not expand much. This reflects that business are not certain in investment...

(Source: Khao Sod)

"Outrage picture" - Khao Sod, September 1, 2006
A staple of the Thai press is the outrage or sensational photo--often of people acting irreverent in relation to Buddhist images.
[The main word of this article has two meanings. It means to make a votive offering, but the second meaning is to strip off clothing.]: Three men from Ayuthaya dance nude making a votive offering in front of Khao Buddha in the desert temple in Amphur Visetchaichan, Angthong province. They swore to do this when they got the red card [they were discharged from the military] and their wish was fulfilled.

(Source:Krungthep Turakit)

"We love Thaksin!" - August 30, 2006
Above: Like Thaksin! Love Thaksin!: People who use the name “People who love peace, unity, and democracy” come to Government House on August 29 to give moral support to caretaker Thaksin Shinawatra in the midst of a stream of assassination bombs and increased protection for the PM.

(Source: Kom Chad Luek)

Oxen 'may be kouprey' - The Nation, - September 1, 2006
Wild oxen resembling the kouprey, a wild species believed to be the most endangered large mammal in the world, have been spotted deep in the jungle near to where the borders of Thailand, Laos and Cambodia meet, the head of the National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Variety Conservation Department said...

Various news of August 7, 2006
Above: Thai Rath, August 7, 2006 - The caption reads: Bomb the bus: The police of Lad Prae Police Station investigate the bomb explosion at bus No. 95 at the curve of Wat Bangtoei. The bad guys use timed bomb covered with plaster and lay it on the floor near the cushion at the back of the bus. This caused four to be injured. One suspicion is that it may be a conflict in the mass transportation company.

Not all the dailies picked up the bus bombing. Others were filled with the choosing of the new Miss Thailand and a 29-inch TV than fell on and killed a 4-year-old girl.

Left: Khao Sod, August 7 2006 - The caption reads: Bloody: On August 5, 2006, the officers of Langsuan Hospital, Chumporn are saving lives of youth who were shot and stabbed by a drunken man after the concert of "Bao V," the southern singer at Aouychai 3 Market. This caused 1 death and 4 injury.
Under the photo is the headline about the TV falling on the 4-year-old girl.

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