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Khao Sod editorial: Following the right way - November 11, 2005

Air Chief Marshal Kongsak Wantana, Minister of the Interior, agrees with the idea of Mr. Kosin Ketthong, the Assistant of Interior Minister, on the way of solving problems in the three southern provinces. That is, to move people from the Northeast to replace population from the area including to arrange draftees to be ordained in the abandoned temples.

It seems a suggestion that does not understand the cause and problem so this cannot be the right way to solve things.
There is some group trying to to terrorize and separate, but no matter the quality or quantity of the movement, these people cannot succed from killing and terrorizing.

The cause of the violence and unrest are extending and increasing in level and area and the important factor is that most people in the area do not trust the government officers. The government officers do not trust by people because they do not understand the root and culture so they do not perceive the movement of the terrorists.

As they understand and be in line of the truth, people will cooperate, and the authorities will be able to get useful information, solve the problem, and stop the violence.

If the government realizes that it is a part of extending and prolonging the southern problems, it will realize that the priority is to solve problems at the level of the government and officers.

Studying the truth in the area, the truth of life, culture and religion, the source of the problem can be understood clearly and the government will be able to propose the right solution and be in line with the truth.

It is important not to suggest nonsensical ideas that make the problem extended. If we do not know and do not study, cooperating to solve problems will be in turmoil.

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