The gang to exploit poor people

From the Thai-language press: Thairath editorial: The gang to exploit poor people - October 13, 2005

Although it is quite late, it is not too late for the Investigation Commission of which Gen. Thanu Sriyakul, is Chairperson, to specify that employment agencies and many government officials of the Labour Ministry who took a high brokerage fee from 1,700 Thai workers. The amount taken was more than the law allows (which is 90,000-150,000 baht). The total extorted from the Thai workers is 60 million baht.

This made us believe that there was cooperation between the owner of the employment agency and the middle level government officials of the Department of Employment who are in the North and Northeast of Thailand. The ingenious way is avoid detection is to send a large number of workers, but less than 50 workers in order not to be require approval from the high chief.

The riot of Thai workers in Kaoshuing, in the south of Taiwan, to protest the employers’ oppression in August, urges the Taiwan government and Thai government to investigate urgently. Taiwan moved faster than Thailand in making their Labour Minister and Lord Mayor of Kaoshuing resign to take responsibility. The investigation specifies that there was a gang formed to oppress and exploit Thai workers.

At first it was understood that only Taiwan was at fault for this, but the investigation of the Thai Labour Ministry found that the Thai employment agent company was also responsible.

60 million baht was fleeced from the workers’ sweat by people of the same nationality as the workers themselves. This was a large amount of money to take from poor people. Some must sell their land or take a mortgage or go to the pawnshop to get the brokerage fee. This 60 million baht is likely money from the 1,700 workers. This excludes thousands of other Thai workers in Taiwan. Thailand sends more workers to Taiwan than any other country.

Many countries solve this problem by having the government handling sending workers overseas or giving loans with low interest to workers. Thailand as well seems like it may try to solve this problem with this method, but as it is controlled by the Labour Ministry already, many workers are oppressed and exploited by people of their same nationality. So it is hopeless now on how to solve this problem. At first, we must penalize those involved and clear up the system.
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