Don’t trade in one dimension

From the Thai-language press: Matichon editorial: Don't trade in one dimension - October 5, 2005

After the the Public Health Ministry declared businesses must not display and advertise cigarettes, 80% of shops all counties cooperated except 7-11 shops which have 3200 branches. The fine for violation is 200,000 baht per time.

This reflects the confidence of a giant company that is close to a political group. So social groups, youth, and family networks came out to protest the CP 7-11 company.

However, the reason that CP 7-11 did not follow the declaration is that the company was waiting for the arbitration of the royal decree to see if 7-11 company displayed correctly. This is the company’s confidence that as a big business with lawyers and consultants that suggest that they not give in and try to maintain the advantage of displaying cigarettes.

It is sure that CP 7-11 company may be concerned more about business than society. Cigarettes are a harm to smokers’ health in the long term and also a waste of the public health budget. There was one cigarette trading representative who commented with no concern on the social side that “cigarette traders must fight by the principle of the law and with no consideration of social or media demands."

Whenever the big company is only concerned about its own benefit, it may face a bad image. CP 7-11 company should not trade only in one dimension--making the most profit and not considering the social dimension and the health of consumers. Otherwise this may effect to the company’s image. Don’t assess peoples’ demands as meaningless.
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