Thaksin’s Cabinet Reshuffle

Thai press reaction to the new cabinet from Thairath, Khaosod, Matichon and Manager: 'haew and bourbok selling out' - August 6, 2005

Thairath, August 3, 2005 - The senators critique the new cabinet and wonder that Chainand Charoensiri, Deputy of Transport Minister, got his position because of his relatives. Nakorn Rachasima Senator Sawai Pramanee said this reshuffle does not contain the right person and he does not understand why the PM took Air Chief Marshall Kongsak to take over the Interior Ministry. It is like compensation for a friend. The senator is not confident that Air Chief Marshall Kongsak can manage like a CEO governor.

Khaosod, August 3, 2005 - Wangnamyom faction is downgraded [former Transport Minister Suriya's faction]. The members come to comfort Somsak Tepsutin and Suriya Jungrungroengkit. Meanwhile Kroo Aoi (Jaturon Chaiseang) taking charge of the Education Ministry is admired and approved. "Maew” [nickname of PM Thaksin] took the new cabinet to pledge to the King and listen to the King's speech.

Matichon, August 3, 2005 - Cabinet is not the right person for right job. Thaksin adjusts the cabinet for whom?
The face of Thaksin 2/2 [Thai way to designate cabinets--the second cabinet of Thaksin's second term], although reshuffling for 17 positions, looks the same. By looking at the ministers’ face, it has to say not only it is “old whisky in the old bottle,“ but also the wrong reshuffle. New people from outside the circles of power are not excited, because all involved in the reshuffle are adherents to Thai Rak Thai or Shinawatra family associates.

Matichon, August 3, 2005 - A poll point out that "Maew 2/2" is not cool - only Thaksin adherents win
On August 3, a Suan Dusit poll surveys 1220 people in Bangkok and outlying areas for their opinion of the cabinet reshuffle of Thaksin 2/2. It found that 60.23% think the government work will be the same, because most people are still from the old team, 27.0% think that it will be better and 12.7% think that is worse because the ministers are not in the right jobs. They are pleased by the new Tourism and Sport Minister, Pracha Malinon, followed by Jaturon Chaisaeng, Education Minister. For the persons they are disappointed with the most are Suriya Jungrungroengkit followed by Newin Chidchob, Deputy Prime Minister.

Manager, August 3, 2005 - The King gave a speech and repeated to the new cabinet to strictly follow their pledge and suggest to them to consider the meaning of the words in the pledge. He pointed that if they follow strictly, it will be propitious for themselves, the nation and the people.

Manager, August 3, 2005 - Pa Noh (Sanoh Tienthong) compliments that the P.M. is prudent in the reshuffle and that Thaksin 2/2 is getting the right man for the right job. Also that Jaturon Chaisaeng is suitable for the Education Minister before admonishing that the “Wang Namyom faction” should not cheer only their own group.

'Poojadkuan', Manager, August 3, 2005 - After the cabinet reshuffle of Thaksin 2/2, which has not passed one day, not only is stock market vigorous, but also agricultural goods are selling as well. Some products sold out were water chestnut [haew in Thai--this word also means disappointed].
Also sold out was pennywort, [bourbok in Thai--a vegetable eaten with namprik or in a drink--this leaf is known to cure people who are sore inside their bodies or mentally hurt or who received ridicule from people who disappointed in love]. These sales make merchants are very happy. [This is a joke meaning that people who are disappointed or have a broken heart or are mentally hurt buy these plants and this is the reaction to the new cabinet.]
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Editorial: Big reshuffle but it is the same - Thairath, August 5, 2005
It can be said that the big cabinet reshuffle under the leader, Thaksin Shinawatra, was quicker than expected, because it was only two months for the Thaksin 2 government. Although there are some critics who say it is the big reshuffle, it gives a little hope to people to solve urgent problems of the country because this is the descending government.
The 17 new name list of cabinet reshuffle did not impress people. Most were reshuffled like playing musical chairs. This is the same as the Thaksin government 1 that reshuffled the cabinet 10 times in 4 years. For this time is the 12th for PM Thaksin.
If Thai society hopes the government is serious on prevention and combating corruption in the bureaucracy and politics, the cabinet reshuffle did not give a new hope. Even the minister who was the target of criticism, does not crash, but gets two positions. This shows that they do not care about criticism.
The situation in the three southern border provinces which became more serious in the present government and it became the urgent critical problem of country. However this cabinet reshuffle did not show the stronger team for security. On the contrary, the person selected to be Interior Minister, although he was the group captain commander, he had no experience in security and in the south.
The southern problem makes the PM make frequent changes in the responsible person such as changing the Deputy Minister of Security , Defense Minister, Interior Minister, Police Commander, Army Commander and others. But solving the problem is still like looking for a needle in the dark or a blind man trying to size up an elephant by touching a part of the whole. How long does it take until we are able to say that go to the right way finally?

Editorial: Is this the best reshuffle? - Matichon, August 5, 2005
The editor said that cabinet reshuffle of 17 positions including the old and new persons look like musical chairs, but the person did not seize the chairs by themselves, the PM managed it for them. To adjust the cabinet for the best should be the best for people. It should not be up to feeling, emotion and pleasing of the PM or his close friends. Or saying it is the best and then adjust continuously and also say that it was the best reshuffle, but the work of the ministers was not the best. People want to hear that the PM accepts that cabinet reshuffle was due to errors. If it was not because of error, it is not necessary to adjust the cabinet continuously including grouping the ministers struggling with big problems, the economy, the poor, debt, corruption ,etc. Whatever way he chooses he should reveal to the public frankly and not employ circumlocution.
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