Quash corruption–not duty

Editorial: Quash corruption--not duty - translated and summarized from Matichon, July 29, 2005

It has became chaotic for the case of Mr. Alongkorn Polabutr, Petchaburi MP (Democrat Party) who said that one relative of the PM was involved with bribes from Mr. Latapon Ketkothin, chairperson of Lutferthai Company, Ltd, who was to receive the car park construction contract at Suwanapoom Airport.
Mr. Alongkorn came forward to reveal information investigating corruption of the car park construction at Nong-ngoo Hao Airport (Suwanapoom Airport), but TRT MPs considered that Mr. Alongkorn intended to discredit the PM and slander the PM’s relatives--one who is a woman that may not be involved.
This is like a novel that has many actors and many sides including Mr. Alongkorn and the Democrat Party MPs that fight with TRT (the PM’s party), police that accept the charge, and newspapers accused by the state of distributing the news to the public. The PM’s relative did not tell the truth and Mr. Latapon, who is the key person, did not appear to confess is the truth.
Actually this complex novel is one part of the corruption problem that destroys Thailand's image and it reflects the failure of the system that is corrupt. The evidence from each side cannot be judged as to who is correct, who got the bribe, and no independent organizations or ministers investigated.
The opposition politician do their job by checking that the government is truthful and transparent, but in the meantime, the government politicians just come out to counter, and people who get information from the mass media continuously may have a headache and do not know who to believe.
Finally we will see the politicians prosecute each other in a mess and newspapers as defendants and accused by the government. They are just doing the job honestly and want to see truth and transparency in Thai society.
This case is a precedent that there is no organization that can quash corruption successfully. The investigation only comes from the opposition party. Also that when the mass media does their duty by reporting they take abuse for doing their job.
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