Thai-language newspapers – June 14, 2005

Matichon - June 14, 2005

* Mr. Samart Rachapolasit, Deputy Bangkok Governor, spoke after the committee meeting considering the effect of the construction of Suwanapoom Airport. He said that Bangkok does not agree to divide the area of Kwaeng Ladkrabang and Kwaeng Tapyao in Ladkrabang district to merge with Suwanapoom Airport City as proposed by the Interior Ministry. This is because the tax income collecting will be decreased and there is an international rule not to build 3-5 kilometers from an airport to protect people from pollution. He is confident that Bangkok has ability to supervise the two areas. However the Office of Town and Country Planning was assigned to summarize the good and weak points and the different choices that could be made before the next meeting this month.

Thairath - June 14, 2005

* Suhanburi - Wat Tapkradan, Amphur Songpinong is where the statue of “Pumpuang Duangjan” [famed country singer who died young of a liver ailment] is located. On June 13 it was the site of the 13th anniversary memorial of the country singer's death. Lots of people come to make merit and salute the statue which made a big traffic jam in front of the entrance to the wat. People also hoped to get lucky numbers for buying lottery tickets.

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