Thai-language newspapers – June 9, 2005

Matichon - June 9, 2005

* Assistant professor Nutchtip Por. Bunjonsilp, Chairperson of Law project, National Women's Council, said the leading cause that makes teachers punish students is tension. For training teachers all over the country in 10 years, she found that teachers have lots of problems such as family, economic, debt, etc. Teachers have many burdens and do not get the appropriate salary making them earn extra income or having debts. When they are stressed, they vent it on their students.

Thairath - June 9, 2005

* Malaria still spreads seriously in many places. Recently three patients are in coma who were infected in Khao Yai National Park. Two are Khao Yai officers who stay at Apaipoobet Hospital in Prajinburi Province while the other is a soldier who came back from visit his relatives at Khao Yai. The head of disease control protection office warned people, especially tourists, to be careful of the anopheles mosquito and sleep under mosquito nets.

* Meanwhile, in Pang-nga the situation of malaria is still worrying. So far they are 450 infected and 1 died. Some got infected from migrants. However, the public health office in Pang-nga is ready with labor, medicine, and 4000 public health volunteers to educate people at the local level.

* Bloody news [the graphic/sensational photo on the front page] - On June 8, Mrs. Bumphen Saengkaewpanao, 37-years-old, was beaten to death by her husband, a taxi driver, because she came back home late. He confessed that he did because he was jealous. Kunnayao District police will investigate if he might have killed other people.

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