Thai-language newspapers – June 2-3, 2005


June 1, 2005

* Thai Rak Thai‘s people counter that Thirayuth is only a marketing man who uses the CTX 9000 scanner scandal to abuse Thaksin. He is not a real academic. He just strikes an attitude by wearing a hard hat for three hours while checking bomb detectors at Suwanapoom Airport and then says there was cheating. He is just the "regular" critic. [Thaksin calls people such as Theerayuth Boonmi, Ajarn Jermsak Pinthong, Dr Praves Wasri who criticize him often kraprajumor--the regular person. This is to diminish the importance of their constant criticism. Occasional critics are called khajorn.]

June 2, 2005

* Mr. Niwat Sawatkaew, Pathumthani Governor, said on June 1 that he agreed in principle to build the new parliament at Thai Melon Textile factory on 616 rai. He also said that this is an appropriate place because of the mass transportation system, convenient to go to the new airport by two ways including the BTS extension. He believes that the new parliament building will improve investment and business in Pathumthani.

* Maew [nickname of PM Thaksin] sympathizes with Rerngchai who accepts the guilt alone. The senators said that is not fair for him to pay 1.8 billion baht damage. They prepare to investigate others involved in the case. [Ex-BOT governor Rerngchai was fined 186,000,000,000 baht for his role in the baht defense of 1997.]

June 3, 2005

* Thaksin is ready to take off his suit coat and drive lower than 90 km/hr to be an example for saving energy. The MPs also follow him taking off their suit coats off to help the nation. [Air-conditioning temperatures are often kept at very cold levels since politicians and businessmen wear suit coats while working. If people did not wear the jackets, the temperature would not have to be so cold.] Thaksin said if the energy saving campaign does not work within three months, they will have to increase more ways to decrease luxury use, but will not force people.


June 1, 2005

* Bloody news [the graphic/sensational photo on the front page] - Mr. Sanit Pimpanich, a taxi driver, was killed by being stabbed in the throat. His body was hidden in the taxi left at Sukhapiban 5, Saimai district, Bangkok. Polices suspected that he was deceived and robbed and it may be the same old gang that robbed taxi drivers in this area three months ago.

June 2, 2005

* The two numbers from the government lottery on June 1, "9" and "3," make the followers of Lung Por Pool, the abbot of Wat Pailom who died last month, get rich. These are the numbers of his age.

* Nakornnayok - Mrs. Watcharaporn Pangsa-ard, a nurse from Nakornnayok Hospital, was arrested at her house. The police found that she is an agent and has sold drugs for a long time. Although she denied it, the police have evidence from the buyer who was arrested on February 16.

June 3, 2005

* Nontaburi - Police arrested Mrs. Somlak Sakoed, 37-years-old, for stealing 500 baht from Ms. Kunnika Poe-urai at Tesco Lotus, Tiwannon branch. She said she needed money for buying milk for her youngest children. She has six kids and cannot earn enough. She and her husband, a construction worker, stay on temple land and have to move from this place in next four months.

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