Thai-language newspapers – May 24-27, 2005

Matichon - May 24, 2005

* Thaksin is confident the events at Khao Praviharn at the border will not continue. The Sri Saket governor and the Cambodian officers have talked and understand the situation and informed Hun Sen, the PM of Cambodia, already. This area is developed to be a tourism point. Meanwhile, the Thai envoy has checked and there is no pessimistic news in the Phnom Penh media. He is confused how the news that a Thai soldier shot Cambodian people came out.

* May 23 - The heavy rain on May 22 made hundreds of thousands tons of stone from a mountain collapse on Wat Tam Khao Jeen Theerapradit in Satun Province. Only trees and one monk’s house was damaged and no one was there, but the monks had to move away from the area. Meanwhile the Satun governor ordered the officers to survey the caves and mountain where there are communities to check for safety as it may happen again during the rainy season.

Thairath - May 24, 2005

* The news that Luangpor Pool, the abbot of Wat Phailom, died on May 22 or Visakhabucha day, made all the lottery tickets in the temple sell well--especially the number of his age 94 and the the time of his birth and death--11, 55 and 14.

* May 23 - The Thai Health Promotion Foundation revealed the the Thai Health report for 2005. One of the surveys is “Thai Society and Rape.“ It found that the index of sex crimes against women increases 35% in 8 years compared to 1997 when there were 3,741 cases. In 2004 were 5,052 cases. It is expected that only 5% of incidents are reported. There are lots of crimes not reported to the police.

Matichon - May 26, 2005

* Dr. Suchai Charoenrattanakul, Public Health Minister, pointed that cigarettes cause 36 harmful diseases and killed 130,000 people per day. Smoking causes death to Thai people which averages 142 people per day or 6 people per hour. It planned to extend the control area in schools, public parks, and temples. Meanwhile, Dr. Thawat Suntraporn, Director General of Disease Control Department, warns that the shops selling cigarettes with no warning pictures to remove the packs and put the new ones with warning pictures instead.

Thairath - May 26, 2005

* Bloody news [the graphic/sensational photo on the front page] - May 25, Tak province - Mrs. Payao Ruamsuk opened her daughter ‘s wedding parcel sent by post. Wondering, she put batteries inside the gift, a cat doll, and it exploded and killed her. The same day the police arrested Mr. Jumrieng, a 24-year-old salesman and found that he sent the parcel to kill Ms. Khanitha, his ex-girlfriend who just got married to another man. However the mother had bad luck and got the package.

More on Thaksin at Wat Phra Kaew - May 27, 2005
Many readers wanted more details about the "controversial actions" at Wat Phrakeo during Visakhapucha as reported in Manager so here they are:
Sian Sao Long's column in Manager reports that Thaksin is too bold in being the chairperson of Visakhabucha day in Wat Prakaew (a type of role usually reserved for The King). Siang Sao Long shows a letter from Rapee Sakrik, a famous professor, that says he does not like Thaksin to act like that. It also mentions Thaksin's picture in the national anthem and other complaints about the government.
It is likely that anti-TRT media will be quick to dish out tough criticsm like this as Thaksin's leadership is apparently showing cracks amid scandals and MP revolts.

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