Thai-language newspapers, May 23, 2005

Matichon - May 23, 2005

* A man on a motorcycle shot the vice president of the thambol administrative organization in Narathiwat and seriously injured him. The provincial police of Region 9 and the chief of the Muslims make a VCD of the correct religious doctrine to distribute to pornor schools. Meanwhile Manoch Kraiwong, the commander in chief of region 9 said the way to solve the southern problem is to focus on thinking. The chief of the Muslims also said the media that presents bad images of the unrest is one of causes of extending the southern problem.

* The director of the Tsunami Victims Center says there are 15,747 tsunami victims that have mental problems especially in Pang-nga which has 7000 persons. They ask the government to care and are afraid others may kill themselves like the 18-year-old who hung himself on May 20. Meanwhile, Mrs. Sunee Chaiyaros, of the Nation Human Rights Commission, is discouraged and also asks the government give a helping hand. Do not leave victims to fight with the capitalists by fate.

Thairath - May 23, 2005

* The famous monk, Luang Por Pool Attarakkho, the 94-year-old abbot of Wat Phailom, Nakornprathom, died on May 22 at 3:00pm. His followers, including some movie stars, are shocked. His body will be kept in a crystal coffin for 100 days for people to come and pay respects.

* On May 22, Ms. Jennifer Hawkin, Miss Universe of 2004, joins the Money Expo Fair at the Queen Sirikit Convention Center to visit the booth of Krungsri Ayuthaya Bank, one of the supporters of the pageant. She gives an interview to say that this is her third time coming to Thailand. She likes Krabi province the most and wants to go to Chaingmai, but this time she has lots of things she must do (for the pageant). After finishing, she will be a presenter on Channel 7 in Australia and will broadcast about Thailand tourism on the program also.

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