Thai-language newspapers – April 28, 2005

Matichon - April 28, 2005

* Maj. Gen Sanan Kajornprasart, former chairman advisor of Mahachon Party, asks for two more days to make a decision whether he will get the position of party leader after the annual meeting on April 24 resolved to make him leader. Sources close to him hint he will accept.

* Dr Pradit Charoenthaitawee, of the National Human Rights Commission gave an interview on April 27 about the case of Tesco Lotus. Allegedly the store ordered workers to work on holidays without getting payment, but instead giving them a substitution for a normal work day. This violates the Labour Protection Bill of 1998. Meanwhile, Ms. Wilaiwan Saetea, Chairperson of the Thai Labour Solidarity Working Committee said Tesco Lotus has a head office in England and knows the rules of International Standard Employment, so it is strange that this chronic problem has existed since the stores opened in Thailand. The government claims not to know and the Labour Ministry has neglected to investigate.

Thairath - April 28, 2005

* Bloody news [the graphic/sensational photo on the front page] - Saraburi - Mr. Anuchai Noitai, son-in-law of Mrs. Khanthong Morya, was crazy when his wife wanted to divorce him. He shot his wife and injured two other persons while killing his mother-in-law and three other family members. He also burnt a car and attacked many people and then ran away. The polices have not apprehended him yet.

* Mr. Poksak Settabutra, director of the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority, gives the green light for the buses to raise fares on 1 baht for both normal and air-conditioned buses. It will start May 2.

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