Thai-language newspapers – April 27, 2005

Matichon - April 27, 2005

* Gen. Prem Tinlasulanon, the head of the Privy councilors and a statesman made a speech to Yala, Pattani, and Naratiwat youths at the Prem Tinlasulanon Foundation. He counters that it is not true that Muslims are second class citizens. He confirmed that Thai people have no class divisions. Meanwhile, the cabinet appoints Jaturon Chaisaeng, Deputy Prime Minister to take charge on the SIM card issue. The Chairperson of DTAC complains that controls on prepaid cards make DTAC lose 900 million baht.

Thairath - April 27, 2005

* Phuket - A patient of Wachira Hospital, Mr. Anand Termtan, 84-years-old, complained of ear pain and blood from both ears. After checking, the doctor found there were lots of worms inside. He said that two days ago when he was putting out the garbage, a fly went inside his left ear so it may be the fly laid its eggs there.

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