Thai-language newspapers – April 26, 2005

Matichon - April 26, 2005

* The core person of Chatthai Party counters Thai Rak Thai. Banharn confirms the 'shower of rain' [accusations of vote buying] and the 'truth is the truth' and will stop talking otherwise it will be cause pain. Chuwit blames TRT rotten factions and points out that “primary voting is the advance buying vote and it is the way to avoid the Election Commission." Meanwhile three groups in TRT believe it is difficult to disintegrate the factions.

* At the cabinet meeting on April 26, Culture Minister Uraiwan Tienthong will propose a 172 million baht budget for a project hiring monks to teach morals in school. The target is one monk teacher for each thambon. This project will hire 4,000 monks who will get a 2,000 baht allowance per month.

Thairath - April 26, 2005

* Pratumthani - A car crash on Rangsit-Nakorn Nayok road under repair. Two men died instantly. One is Mr. Songsak Somwadwong or Aek Inzis Eakow, comedian of Toomtam Choenyim band, who has ability to imitate politicians. His friend said that day Mr. Aek had a 'black face.' [His face look darker--Thai people believe this is not good omen.]
He also ate five dishes of rice. Mr. Aek said he felt as if he may never eat again.

* Chachoengsao - Mr. Somsak Runnaroj, a 35- year-old worker at Precise Steal Toy Construction wearing his uniform was found dead straddling his motorcycle near a path near Sotharavej Hospital. After an investigation, police and doctors found no wound or injures, but found he had asthma medicine in his pocket and four false teeth stuck in his throat. It is thought that Mr. Somsak died from choking on his false teeth and had been dead for 5-6 hours.

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