Thai-language newspapers – April 22, 2005

Matichon - April 22, 2005

* The Nutrition Association recommends eating one egg every day. Meanwhile the Public Health Ministry specifies that normal people can eat 3-4 eggs per week, children 1-year-old and up can eat eggs every day. Their study reveals Thai people eat eggs half as frequently as foreigners. Dr. Kornpatra Mayurasakorn, the researcher, also reveals that there are both supporters and objectors to his research. He prepares to continue research as to whether the elderly can eat an egg every day.

* On April 21,Thaksin gave an interview after presiding over the opening ceremony of Justice Court Day 2005 at the Institute of Bureaucracy Development of Justice Court saying that he will travel aboard often and will spend six months total overseas. “Yes, I will be in other countries more often. If you count it up, it will be 180 days.” He went to Indonesia in the afternoon. He will come back for the TRT Annual meeting on April 24 and will go to Jordan and come back to Thailand again on April 27.

Thairath - April 22, 2005

* Bloody news [the graphic/sensational photo on the front page] -
Nakornpathom - Police were informed that Mrs. Sunan Kingkaew, a 40-year-old cloth merchant, was shot dead with .38 gun by two young men riding a motorcycle in front of her stall before. Police investigated and found that she had been arrested in drug cases, but was released many times. She also sister-in-law of Mrs. Ubon Thoopjinda, the god mother of Tangluang Community, Nakornpathom who sell drugs and was shot to death 10 hours before. It is assumed that this was related to a double-cross about illegal business.

* Bangkok - The police of Taopoon station arrested Mr. Worapon Tunaiem and Mr. Monti Sirikool with stolen Bangkok Bank and Kasikornthai ATM cards. They robbed a transvestite on April 13 by pretending to buy sex and on the way to a room their friends come out to rob the victim's money and mobile phone. The polices also arrested another member of the team.

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