Thai-language newspapers – April 21, 2005

Matichon - April 21, 2005

* Dr. Kornpatra Mayurasakorn, doctor of social medicine, Samutsakorn Hospital reveals his research of National Research Committee office that overthrows 30 years of belief that one should not eat eggs every day. His research specific that the healthy working people can eat eggs every day and will not get raised cholesterol, but will have decreased fat and no risk of high blood pressure as they thought.

* On April 20, Pol. Gen Sontichai Wattankultep, superintendent of a police precinct of Yatakhao, Trang Province reveals that war weapons were found in the overhanging stone of Buntad Mountain, Thambol Naikuan. These are weapons hidden in 1980 so he does not want people to be panic and think they are from the current unrest groups in the three southern provinces. Some bullets in a box no. 8073 with English instructions shows it belongs to the Thai army. It is believed that these were war weapons from communist soldiers in 1979. Besides, some war weapon theft were covered by the Matichon newspaper in 1980.

Thairath - April 21, 2005

* Bloody news [the graphic/sensational photo on the front page] -
Mr. Chun Chuan Wan, a 41-year-old wealthy Chinese Malaysian man, and owner of a mini mart in Penang, was shot dead in his Toyota Altis (plate no. PGF-28, Malaysia) by two Thai male teenagers in Had Yai. Near his body Ms. Duangporn, a 30-year-old was also seriously injured. For this bold shooting, the police assume it may be related to a lover case or to his business. He often comes to Had Yai and may have a conflict with others.

* At the Center for Research and Development of Sex Study, Chulalongkorn University, a seminar of Sex language was organized about “Factors related to refraining from sex in female youth.” It reveals that female student of vocational schools have more sex than secondary school female students. The factor that leads them to have sex is influence from close friends. If they know more about sex, they will have less sex, because they will know the effects on them if they have sex too early. This is opposite to the male student that have sex more when they know more about sex. The researchers suggest that family relationships are very important--especially associations that build up sincerity, trust and people who can advise.

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