Thai-language newspapers – April 20, 2005

Matichon - April 20, 2005

* April 19 - The cabinet has a cool idea to decrease the accidents for Songkran next year. They will have a continuous campaign to emphasize to those who ride motorcycles to wear helmets and will have a questionnaire to figure out how a helmet should look like and whether they want an PM or movie star to sign their signature on it.

Thairath - April 20, 2005

* On April 19, at Thai Rak Thai Party headquarters, there was a pouring ceremony for Thaksin and the senior, Sanoh Tienthong. Yaowapa Wongsawat, Thaksin’s sister, was hugged by Sanoh when she poured water on his hands [The is a Songkran ceremony to pay respects to one's elders. In this case it is being used to assuage a row with a faction in TRT lead by Sanoh.]. Meanwhile, Thaksin ordered party members not to speak so much and stop quarreling. He said he also was going to try to calm down more.

Komchadluek - April 20, 2005

* April 20 - Nong Hongtae, a boy injured in the explosion at Hadyai Airport, likes the character Ultraman. So Mr. Warayuth Thavornphasook, the GM of Chiyo Production, which has the copyright of Ultraman Thailand, and his team visited Nong Hongtae at Hadyai Hospital. This made Nong Hongtae very glad to see Ultraman Zoffe visiting him at his bed. Ultraman also gave him presents. The doctor reveals that Nong Hongtae’s mind is better. He sings the song “Deck Doi“ to his mom and pretends to be Ultraman.

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