Thai-language newspapers – April 19, 2005

Matichon - April 19, 2005

* On April 18, a meeting of senate considers the case of the dry longan fruit from 2003. The Suratthani Senator, Mr. Anand Alodom explains that the government lost 3235 million baht through interference. This loss consists of 2639 million baht from lost sales, interest compensation of 456 million baht, and management cost of 140 million baht. This loss was caused by widespread corruption. Meanwhile, Mr. Kaewsun Atipoti, Bangkok Senator, suggests the senate should investigate a politician’s company in depth that is behind this longan corruption.

* On April 18, a storm in Satun Province damaged 710 houses impacting 3000 villagers. Four were injured including Mrs. Duang Promurai, 50-years-old, who was crushed by the concrete wall and is now being treated at Satun Hospital. The total damage is about 5 million baht.

Thairath - April 19, 2005

* On April 18 at the Bangkok governor's office, Governor Apirak Kosayothin said the Office of Town and Country Planning will present a plan to restore the Giant Swing. This is an urgent issue because the swing pole is very old and in a state of decay. The wood needed should be 25 metres long, 50 cms in diameter, and 4 pieces of wood are needed. A good one would be from the hopea or teak tree, but hopea is more sticky and resistant. If someone has this kind of wood, please sell or donate by calling 0-2354-1250. The restoration will begin within three months and maybe afterwards the swing ceremony will be performed again.

* Thaksin blames the media when they ask whether the government has a goal to link with NGOs and academics to be part of the government. Thaksin says the media just guesses what the government think and he never heard this idea. He also said there will be no house dissolution and the next election will be in four years.

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