Thai-language newspapers – April 8, 2005

Matichon - April 8, 2005

* This coming Songkran, 80,000 million baht will be spent. People are still afraid of tsunamis so the South is the least popular destination--it was the second most popular choice last year. The Thailand Chamber of Commerce forecast says the economy slows down, but Thai people are shoppers so they will save money for shopping although their income decreases. People will stay at home more than going out if they are impacted by rising gas prices.

* The manager of Matichon Publishing reveals that the total sale of Matichon books this year at the book fair is 15% higher than last year. He also said the rising gasoline rising prices and apprehension about terrorism did not impact sales. The number of people is the same and purchasing power did not decrease.

Thairath - April 8, 2005

* On March 7 at 6pm, Paholyothin Police station was informed to check a suspicious box which lay in the way of an escalator on the second floor in front of Body Glove Shop, Central Ladpro shopping center. While people still shopped, officer used sting to bar the way and four tires to surround the object for safety. After one hour some of customers knew and evacuated the shopping center because they were not sure whether it was a bomb. Finally the police found it is a box with three bottles of water and newspapers. Mr. Pravit Sittijanyakoul, the Chief Deputy of Marketing Manager said Central has a safety principle system and will continue to assure the safety of consumers. Meanwhile Pol. Gen. Chidchai Wannasatit gave interview about the serious daily events and that people are upset with the terrorists using violence. People question if government officials are efficient and why they cannot solve the problem. Now he almost runs to help solve the problem.

* On March 7, a lecture on “Horoscope of the Nation: Year of the Rooster” was organized at the multi-purpose building, Thammasat University. Mr. Pinyo Pongjaroen, chairperson of International Horoscope Association said Thailand's horoscope this year is not good until 2006. He had never seen the situation like the tsunami, unrest in the south and even car bombs. After April 9, Thailand will face serious problems with economics, politics and society such as a crisis of national income embezzled by corruption, illegal business flourishing, expanded drought, and a crisis over water and oil. Be careful on April 8-11, There may be a serious disaster including big terrorism especially at the important religious and bureaucracy locations. Thaksin’s horoscope is indicating that he will have bad luck and face an accident or health problem. Apart from this he will face a problem with political partners. He also has to be careful with woman who causing a split and low favor with the public. There is no solution except that the PM and Thai people are calm with meditation, practice mercy, faith and pray everyday to help reduce tension.

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