A look at Thaksin’s cabinet 2/1 – “Where we want to go”

From the Thai-language press: A look at Thaksin's cabinet 2/1 - "Where we want to go" - translated and summarized from the 'Thailand Affairs' section of a dayweekly, Vol. 1, No. 44, March 17-April 7, 2005

['2/1' means the second government of Thaksin and the first cabinet. 'Where we want to go' is a slogan Thaksin has used to promote his goal-oriented style of government.]

Group of experts (4)
Visanu Kruangam: Deputy PM
Lawyer of the Thaksin Government who works on bureaucratic reform and law.
Sermsak Pongpanich: Deputy of Interior Minister
Dear husband of Senator Rabiebrat, he works favorably with Thaksin by following him like a shadow.
Rung Kaewdaeng: Deputy Education Minister
The leader who developed the policy on education reform which did not develop much.
Viset Joopiban: Deputy Energy Minister
Former MD of PTT who got this position to organize the EGAT privatization.

Political group (11)
Pinit Jarnsombat: Deputy PM
Former member of Seritham Party that merged with Thai Rak Thai Party. He is the leader of the Wang Payanak faction [payanak means serpent]
Warathep Rattanakorn: Deputy Finance Minister
One of Group #16 that disintegrated and merged with the New Aspiration Party (Kwam Wangmai) and moved to TRT. He belongs to the Wang Buaban faction.
Chaiyot Sasomsap: Deputy Finance Minister
He has been advisor for Somkid Jatusripitak and part of the Nakornprathom faction.
Nevin Chidchob: Deputy Agriculture and Cooperative Minister
Leader of the Buriram group and "Minister Yee" in every poll, but he works well in the eyes of Thaksin. [Making the sound “yee“ shows disapproval or distaste. Being a "Minister Yee" in every poll means people think that he is not appropriate to hold office because he has a reputation for cheating or shady dealings, etc.]
Preecha Laohapongchana: Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister
One of the important leaders of the Wang Payanak faction with 'Pinit.' His accomplishment is getting lots of seats in Esarn for TRT.
Uraiwan Tienthong: Culture Minister
The wife of Sanoh Tienthong, the Godfather of Wang Namyen faction.
Suvit Kunkitti: ICT Minister
Former leader of the Kitsangkom Party. He and his team quit and moved to TRT. His accomplishments in dealing with the tsunami relief effort made him a minister again.
Somsak Tepsutin: Tourism and Sports Minister
The leader of Wang Namyom faction that put out branches from Wang Buaban.
Sorra-ut Klinpratum: Labour Minister
A TRT warlord of the central region. He belongs to the Wang Namyen faction.
Yongyuth Tiyapairat: Natural Resource and Environment Minister
Under the Wang Buaban faction. In charge of the Chiangrai Province area, he was able to get all the seats for TRT.
Suwat Lippatapunlob: Justice Minister
Former leader of Chat Pattana Party that was pressed to merge with TRT. He has a voter base in the big city areas such as Nakornratchasima.

Capital group (6)
Suriya Juengrungroengkit: Transport Minister
Has a family network in automobile parts and the golf business. Is part of the clan that runs the Summit Group and Thai Summit Group.
Suriya Lapvisuttisin: Deputy Commerce Minister
The owner of Picnic Gas which is a giant in the field of cooking gas and second only to PTT. He belongs to the Somsak Tepsutin group.
Wattana Muangsuk: Industry Minister
Nephew-in-law of those who run the CP Group which is known as a source of big capital on an international level.
Anuthin Chanvirakool: Deputy Public Health Minister
Capitalist of the Chat Pattana Party. The son of the owner of Sino-Thai Engineering which is one of the five construction contract groups. [We think this is an allusion to the 'gang of five' Thai contractors that win, in turn, most major work in the country.]
Adisai Potharamik: Education Minister
The former president of Jasmine International Company Limited. He is a father of the 53rd richest stock market millionaire in 2004.
Pracha Malinon: Social Development and Human Security Minister
Capitalist, ex-big boss of TV Channel 3 Entertainment business which has high billing in Thailand.

Group of the connected persons (14)
Somkid Jatusripitak: Deputy PM and Finance Minister
The co-founder of TRT who helped set its policy from the beginning.
Pol. Gen. Chidchai Wannasatit: Deputy PM and Interior Minister
The senior member of the Military Preparatory School and a close friend of Thaksin. When he was a secretary at the office of the Narcotics Control Board, his performance won him favor in the government.
Suranan Vetchachiva: Office of PM Minister
He has worked as public relations for TRT since the beginning and he is the person closest to the media.
Tanong Pittaya: Deputy Commerce Minister

He is close to “Khun Ying Or“ [Thaksin’s wife] since he worked with the Shinawatra company.
Sudarat Keyuraphan: Agriculture and Cooperatives Minister
Minister who always works closely with Thaksin.
Poomtham Vetchayachai: Deputy Transport Minister
The founder and one of the most important persons who sets the strategy for the TRT election.
Somchai Soonthornwat: Deputy Interior Minister
Brother-in-law of Boonkli Plangsiri. He is the right hand man of the PM in the Shinawatra group.
Dr. Suchai Jaroenrattakun: Public Health Minister
He is the private doctor of the PM’s mother-in-law. He gets a high position moving from Deputy Minister to Minister.
Surakiat Satienthai: Deputy PM
He has been Foreign Minister for four years. Once one of the candidates to compete for the position of UN Secretary General.
Gen. Thammarak Issarangkool Na Ayuthaya: Defense Minister
One of the TRT founders who moves back into the post of Defense Minister after helping get seats [as campaign chief in the Northeast] for the election in Esarn.
Kantati Supamongkon: Foreign Affairs Minister
One of Thaksin followers since the party was founded.
Korn Tapparangsri: Science Minister
He is the heir of the 'Ratchakroo Era' and was coddled by PM in gratitude. [Korn is Chatchai Chunhawan's nephew. Chatchai was leader of Chat Pattana Party which was also known as the 'Ratchakroo group.' So Korn defected from the party which he had helped found to join TRT. ]
Jaturon Chaisaeng: Deputy PM
Although he was not satisfied with the PM in the way he works, he has strong image and the status necessary for being minister.
Adisorn Piengket: Deputy Transport Minister
A protector of Thaksin in the House of Parliament. He can gain Thaksin’s mind by working hard on the election campaign.
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