Government Efficiency

Editorial: Government Efficiency - translated and summarized from Matichon, April 7, 2005
Thai people and foreigners get information about the unrest in the south from from the country's media and foreign media. The news presented is part of the event and comes from interviews and many other sources.
The information that people are likely to trust should be from government interviews from many levels such as the PM, Deputy PM, ministers, military leaders, police leaders, and administrative government officials. The statements they make after they have a long meeting about the security with every section should clearly state the kind of terrorist, their objectives, the progress of investigation, and how to arrest them.
The government assigned Pol. Gen. Chidchai Wannasatit, Deputy PM for security and Interior minister, to inform the press. His conference was confusing and disjointed, but it should have been frank. It should not evade or find a scapegoat in the media or others.
The government is the national executive that has all mechanisms at its command such as manpower, laws, money and even the ability to intercept telephone calls for national security. The unrest in the south started in 2004 and continues to 2005. The objective of the terrorists is supposedly separatism, but the government should know best what the movement is and who they are. This is because one year ago, the police and military arrested a lot of terrorists, investigated and also processed the case in court so the government should know their plan.
The situation would be helped by a justified and clear policy implementation, enough government resources, along with government officials making sure they do not menace the people in the three southern provinces.
It is unfortunate that, up to now, the public is still vague about the information on the subject. We do not know what kind of movement the terrorists belong to. It is like fighting with a ghost or in the dark because the terrorist do not leave a letter or statement that specifies their demands. The officers have to find out by themselves. Although it is very difficult, the government should be able to see through their tricks and follow events closely. If not, national security will be affected and as in every time when there is a serious situation, the responsible person will give interviews in the old way--with no news and nothing clear.
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