Stop the terrorists from expanding

Editorial: Stop the terrorists from expanding - translated and summarized from Thairath, April 6, 2005
The bomb explosion in three places in Songkhla show that the terrorists have expanded the area to terrorize from the three southern border provinces. It is noted that the violence has developed and changed from shooting government officials, burning schools, robbing gun from military camps, and shooting innocent villagers to bombs at hotels and restaurants and also car bombs although lots of police and military have worked seriously on the problem.
We do not know clearly what these new moves by the terrorists mean, but we should not be careless although the Defense Minister said it is a normal crisis situation and the army commander specified that the terrorist were pressured by the government in the deep south they expanded to other provinces.
The terrorists are trying to make people afraid and show that they have ability to set the time and place for violent events. They choose the vulnerable targets such as the place where there are crowds of people, hotels, shopping centers and airports for the maximum psychological impact.
For issue of the expansion of the unstable area, we should not see one angle that the terrorists were pressured by the government. We should see the lesson from our neighbor, the Philippines, where terrorists operate in the southern islands and after that they moved to the capital which they have a network linking with the other terrorist groups such as JI and Al Qaeda.
The terrorists want to make people, including foreigners, be afraid for their safety. The urgent mission of the government is to assure peoples' safety. This should start in the three southern provinces. Serious attention must be paid to possible targets--even in Bangkok.
At the same time, National Conciliation must be fostered and made part of the national agenda to make people participate in solving problem from the origin even though this may take time and lots of patience. Meanwhile protecting people and suppressing the terrorists should be implemented under the framework of law.
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