Thai-language newspapers – March 31, 2005


Komchadluek usually has strange and sensational news. They reported on March 31 that 100,000 worms or caterpillars (kratoo) that live on the ground the ground climbed into jamjuree trees. People believe these worms have a special instinct and this may be bad omen or portend a natural disaster. This happened in Amphur Muang, Phuket at Thambol Chalong. Matichon also reported this the next day, but put the number of worms at 10,000.
Matichon - March 31, 2005

* Mrs. Orapim Pimjaroen, a planner at the Town and Country Planning office in Bangkok said at the seminar ”The main index of Economics in 2005” that there are two kinds of city plans which are the concentrates city plan and special plan. She said Bangkok office does not agree if the Suwannapoom plan will be a special economic zone because it will take some land area of Bangkok in Romkao and Ladkrabang quarter to merge with Samutprakarn province. This will deprive peoples' rights by being able to seize or surrender land to the government. [This is in reference to the plan to make the new airport a special economic area outside the jurisdiction of the city of Bangkok.]
* On March 29, Mr. Naarkun Sittipong, the Permanent Undersecretary of Energy Ministry, agrees to adjust the figure of electric forecast for peak use in 2005 to 20,819 megawatts which is an increase of 7.80% over last year from 19,326 megawatts.
Thairath - March 31, 2005

* Bloody news [the graphic/sensational photo on the front page] - At 3:00am on March 30, Phaholyothin Police Station learned of a car crash on Kumpaengpetch Road where Mr. Opas Chaaem, a motorcycle messenger, was hit by a taxi and run over, making his body stuck in the nook at the back wheel. The police found only the green yellow taxi, but there is no driver or documents left in the taxi [the driver ran away]. Checking the taxi registration number, the police found the taxi owner, but he said he transferred that taxi to another person long ago.

* In Kanjanaburi, EGAT guarantees that the dam will not break [despite rumors]. The officer usually checks and there is nothing wrong. Meanwhile, Mr. Chaiyuth Khuntaprab, the earthquake expert, said they need to watch the dam for 24 hours and set up checking equipment. There is worry that Kanjanaburi has not prepared yet for a case of the dam bursting and have no clearly warning plan or the principle to move people. Although the possibility of a broken dam is small, that doe snot mean preparations should be made to protect people.
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