Thai-language newspapers – March 25, 2005

Matichon - March 25, 2005

* Thaksin declined to comment on the Esarn MP "sticky rice group" that negotiates for positions in the government. He said “Believe me, I am here so do not worry, everything is ok." The contentions situation is cooled after Thammarak Issrakool, Esarn chairperson, come to clear the situation. Meanwhile, the Wangnamyen faction of Sanoh Tienthong still will operate a political situation center to keep an eye on the government at Sanoh’s house on March 29.

* Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research noted an exciting phenomenon when the rare white champak Sirinthorn flower that grows only in Lopburi province bloomed outside its season. This is because the weather is very hot and dry making the flower stressed and it boomed early to produce seeds.

Komchadluek - March 25, 2005

* Mr. Aekavit Naowaroj, a 25-year-old Ramkamhaeng University student is very tense and worried he would not to pass the two law subjects that would prevent him from graduating this year. He complained to his brother that he is discouraged before deciding to jump off the 10th floor of of the science operation building at the university yesterday.

* In Buriram, a raving 47-year-old man used a knife to hold his niece hostage. He charged that a doctor wanted to take his kidney. The police negotiating with him for five hours before shooting him with rubber bullets. His relatives said he has a nerve problem and was released from the Buriram Center Hospital. Before he threaten his niece, he complained that the doctor will sell his kidney and give money to his family, but nobody believes him.

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