Thai-language newspapers – March 23-24, 2005


March 23, 2005

* Bangkok is the area with the most incidents of hemorrhagic fever (dengue fever) especially in villages and buildings in 10 inner and outer areas. This is because migrants inhabit these areas and move around often.

* On March 22, 300 volunteers of Portextueng (a charitable organization) in six central provinces including of Singburi, Angthong, Ayuthaya, Nakornnayok, Saraburi and Loburi came to assemble in front of the Portextueng head office in Bangkok asking for clarification as to why the executives cancel volunteer in all countries. Mr. Vinai Praditkanok, the head of volunteers explain that there was a problem with people abusing the only the Portextueng name (to fraudulently get donations), but not the individual, uniformed individuals. Finally the protesters tearfully took off their uniforms and went home.

* On March 22, there was a hail storm in Thambon Saengsawan, Amphur Nongsaeng, Udonthani which destroyed 57 houses in Ban Tabhai Mu 4 and 50 houses at Nongwa Mu 6, but no one was injured. Meanwhile, in Amphur Khumpawapi, there was a tornado that destroyed houses and threw a roof onto a high electric pole and made the electricity went out. A primary report said it damages 6 villages and 80 houses.

March 24, 2005

* 126 Esarn members of Parliament gather to be a 'group of sticky rice' pressing and asking government for prominent positions. They are upset that Esarn has lots of MPs, but few in prominent positions. They appoint Mr. Chanchai Chairungroeng to be a leader to press for justice for them. Chuwit Kamonvisit warns Maew that there will be a new group in TRT called 'the bitter group' which has Sanoh Tienthong will be the leader. The Election Commission revealed that TRT got donations which amounted to 129 million baht. The biggest donation is from Khunying Or, Pojaman Chinawatra with 85 million baht.

* Watch for April 27 which will be the hottest day [in Thai we say it is hot as tablab = like a liver sticking out]. The Meteorological Department predicts it will be 40 degrees. Nevin Chidchob, Deputy Agriculture Minister, is worried that the water level of Krasiew Dam in Supanburi is down 16% and 17,000 villages are at risk. Meanwhile, the Director of Royal Rain said both artificial and natural rain will increase the water in the dam to a satisfactory level.

* On March 23 at GMM Grammy Place Building, Mr. Paiboon Dumronchaitham or 'Ar Koo,' Chairperson of Dumrongchaitham Foundation, and artists of JMM Grammy handed over 100 million baht for supporting tsunami children victims‘ lives and education in six southern provinces. The fund will not have any obligations.


March 23, 2005

* On March 22, at a press conference at the Crime Suppression Division, Mrs. Chatchama Somboonsap, Chairperson of Police wives club said the women police will do a fashion show with beautiful dresses that create a soft and sweet image. The sexiest tiger pajama (sleeping suit ) will be shown later at the Red Cross Fair.

* The guard of Taladtai, Amphur Kongluang, Pathumthani informed the police that he found a Honda CRV parked at Taladthai since March 18, but could not contact the driver. The police found that the owner is Mrs. Suchalee Chumna, working for Airbus, who disappeared with her friend. Recently she worked with an Indian group tour. The police could not say it is kidnapping, deception or business conflict with the Indian group, but they will follow the case.

March 24, 2005

* In Samutprakarn on March 23, 26 year-old Mr. Wattana or Om Khunkum, deceived Ms. Nattaphan Youngchub that her relative came to visit. When she opened the door, he attacked to get into her room and tried to rape her, but she fought and bit his tongue almost in half. He did not stop and covered her head with a blanket. She pretended to be dead making him shocked and he ran away. She shouted and called to police to arrest him. He was apprehended while he escaped a motorcycle with blood in his mouth.

* The police of Pathumwan Station were informed by Mr. Choochai Namwasulak, a lawyer of Chulalongkorn University, that an undesired person sent a fax with the message “There will be an assembly and protest against the administration of the university about their idea to take back the land of Utentawai Institute.“ The message also threatened that if someone informed about the threat, one student will be killed. The lease ran out on Utentawai in September, 2005 and Chulalongkorn University will not continue the contact and wants the land back to extend the university, but the students of Untentawai always protest.

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