Thai-language newspapers – March 22, 2005

Matichon - March 22, 2005

* On March 21 at the criminal court on Rachadaphisek Road, two witnesses, Mr. Makata Harong and Mr. Sukree Maming, testifying in the case of the kidnap of lawyer Mr. Somchai Nilapaijit, disclosed that they were tortured in many ways--kicking, electric shock, and even were urinated on by the police to force them to confess to stealing guns and causing unrest in the south. They said that Mr. Somchai came to help them with a lawsuit before he was kidnapped. They confirmed that they recognized one of five defendants, Pol. Maj. Ngoen Thongsuk as one who threatened them.

* Dr. Thawat Suntrajarn, the director of Department of Communicable Disease Control reveals that hemorrhagic fever (dengue fever) of four types has spread out in the last 2-3 years. In the first two months of 2005, the rate of illness is up 48%. It is highest in Bangkok followed by Phuket, Trang, Ranong and Krabi. Meanwhile there is still no vaccine to prevent this disease and in Suratthani now there are 70 sick.

Thairath - March 22, 2005

* Bloody news [the graphic/sensational photo on the front page] - Mr. Chatree Sappermphon, the supervisor worker in the rice godown in Praram 3 area, Prasamutjedee, Samutprakarn killed his 2-year-old and 8-month-old children by breaking their necks, shot his wife who pregnant 8 months and then shot himself. The police found a letter telling to his parents that he apologized for the suicide. He said he did not have a smooth family life and often quarreled with his wife, had a 3 million baht debt and his house was in mortgage and would be seized by the bank soon. He intended to kill only himself, but his wife loved him so much that she wanted to follow.
[Today was a particularly bloody day in the Thai papers with photos of this incident as well as incidents where a woman threw two small children out of a condo and then jumped herself and photos of two workers who died of carbon monoxide poisoning in a car at Government House.]

* In Nakornratchasima, there was a sad story from the drought, when police of Amphur Sikiw were informed that the dead body of Mr. Soi Chat Pudza, 64-years-old, was found wearing a long-sleeve shirt, black plans and carrying a bag. There was no wound except for a small fang. His wife told the police that they owned a cassava plantation, but drought killed it all. He and his wife got into trouble and had no money so he has to go to forest to hunt. On March 20, it was assumed that he was bitten by a snake while hunting.

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