Thai-language newspapers – March 21, 2005

Matichon - March 21, 2005

* On March 20, during the forth day of Thailand's Universe Beauty Contest activities in Phuket, Ban Laem Tukkae, a tsunami-impacted fishermen's village, declared it would not permit tourists to visit. Lots of police arrived to to watch over the village.

* Dr. Tienchai, Permanent Undersecretary of the Public Health Ministry, revealed that hemorrhagic fever (dengue fever) spread out very seriously in Thailand especially in Esarn and the central area and two have died. He warned the Provincial Public Health Office to watch for those who have continuous hot fever more that three days. People who take medicine and still have a high temperature, but has other fever symptom may have dengue as well.

Thairath - March 21, 2005

* On March 20, Sanoh Tienthong, senior advisor of TRT and leader of the Wang Namyen faction is upset that Thaksin did not treat him with respect because he gave him the position of an honorary chairperson in the government. He said this position is a funny council position which never existed before and one who created it is funny also.

* On March 20, 10:45am, a strong wind made a military plane slide into a ditch at Doi Pabong, Amphur Fang, Chiangmai and 10 soldiers were injured.

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