Thai-language newspapers – March 17, 2005

Matichon - March 17, 2005

* On March 16, an AFP news report from Paris, France referred to the opinion of a geologist from North Ireland in Nature Magazine that earthquake specialists warn there will be a strong earthquake of 7.5-8.5 on the Richter scale causing a tsunami again which will occur in the India Ocean near Sumatra, Indonesia.

* On March 17, the executive of Portektueng Foundation canceled all volunteers in the country except five border provinces after finding that illegal volunteers are creating a bad reputation by earning money from dead bodies, scamming money from their relatives or fighting to seize the dead. Somebody mentioned Portektueng to solicit contributions despite the foundation never collects money.

Thairath - March 17, 2005

* Mrs. Pranom, a 53-year-old who earns money by collecting and selling water morning glories went to see the doctor to check her genitals because there is blood and she feels itchy and very painful. After checking, the doctor found that a big leech 5 cm long and 2 cm wide inside so he used pincers to take it off. It is assumed that the leech began sucking her blood while she was collecting water morning glories in Rangsit Canal.

* Pol. Lt. Gen. Somchai Petprasert, MP of Korat constituency 14 said that Lamtakong is a water source of Lamtakong Reservoir which flows from Khaoyai National Park, but there are some resorts and golf courses that dam up the water. He asked related organizations and provinces to investigate.

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