Thai-language newspapers – March 14, 2005

Matichon - March 14, 2005

* Prakroo Suwithan Pariyattikit, the abbot of Wat Thongpu, Thambol Suanprik, Amphur Pranakornsirayuthaya gave an interview on March 13 saying that the police in Ayutaya are not competent because they cannot arrest the robber who came to steal the ancient treasures of the temple many times. Although the monk informed the police every time, the old team of robbers still came back and the police did not arrest him even when they saw the robber walk around the old market. The abbot asked the Art Department come to register the old assets of the temple and asked that people should participate to look after and preserve the local assets.

* Kanjanaburi – The astrologers' forecast that March 12-13 is a doomsday and there may be an earthquake in Kanjanaburi made the area very quiet with tourists canceling more than 1000 rooms. Mr. Cherdvit Rittiprasat, the Kanjanaburi Governor, confirmed the safety of the structure of Srinakarin Dam which has a composition of stone and clay and is flexible to accommodate any vibrations so people can be confident the dam is safe.

Thairath - March 14, 2005

* Bloody news [the graphic/sensational photo on the front page] - March 13, Private (Pvt.) Prison Khumduang, 19-year-old Khonkaen resident, shot himself at his workplace because of losing his new mobile phone. His training teacher said Prison was very worried that his girlfriend has just bought and paid for the down payment of 7000 baht, but he has to continue paying monthly by himself for eight months while he has little salary and she complains to him about this. Although his friends comfort him not to think too much, he is still unhappy and kill himself at last.

* The source from the Agriculture and Cooperative ministry said that the first job for Sudarat Keyuraphan’s team is moving and adjusting things in their working area. This includes moving the 6-7 meter high date trees which were standing near the stairs of the Ministry. These were lifted up with a crane and moved by truck to the Agriculture Chaloemprakiat Museum in Klong Luang, Prathumthani Province. This was done because the sinsae [Chinese teacher] said that they should adjust the Feng Shui [Chinese way to consider on environment and atmosphere] of the workplace environment and the date trees are bad luck for the Minister.

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