Thai-language newspapers – March 11-13, 2005

'Destroy world day' - March 12, 2005
Yesterday we mentioned the talk in Thai newspapers about the March 13 doomsday event. Today, The Nation mentions this too (Doomsday prediction sparks fear of tsunami, The Nation, March 12, 2004). It is strange that The Nation states people are 'wondering how it originated and whether any astrologer had actually announced it officially' when the Thai-language papers have have many articles on the subject along with the opinions of many astrologers.

Hypermarkets are not afraid of disaster - translated and summarized from Matichon, March 11, 2005
According to the horoscope that indicates bad luck or a 'destroy world day' on March 12-13, Mr. Thanaphon Tungkananun, the development director of Zencar company and the hypermarket Carrefour said the company is not afraid of the forecast and will not have any special activity to persuade customers come to shop--neither will Robinson or The Mall shopping centers.
Kasikornthai Bank (Thai Farmer's Bank) Research Center informed that Thai people used 4000 million baht for horoscopes during February 26 to March 4, 2005 [Chinese New Year period] which does not include making merit, averting the effects of misfortune, fortune book, etc. Meanwhile, Chaingmai people in 16 districts are afraid of earthquakes and the land sinking news of March 12.

Earlier: March 13 - the day to watch - translated and summarized from Matichon, March 10, 2005
The Chairperson of the Horoscope Society, Mr. Pinyo Pongcharoen, said many fortune tellers warn Thaksin not to do any activity on March 12-13 because it is a 'world destroy day.' The fortune teller said Thaksin is a Virgo so he has to be careful with emotion and common sense. This year he will be very exhausted, facing problems and has to careful of his health--which is not well. On March 13 all should be careful of natural disasters, accidents, and traveling by air.
One fortune teller who is a movie star and survivor of the tsunami, Mr. Channaron Kuntitao [nickname Tik Klinsi] said he is also watching for March 12, but in his opinion April 2 or 3 is a worse day. Be careful traveling because in Esarn and the North will have hail.
[Ask your Thai friends: March 13th as an unlucky day has been circulating widely since a week or so after the tsunami. Strangely enough, when we at 2B created a new template for breaking news after the tsunami, we randomly picked the date 'March 13, 2005' as a holder date in the template.]
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